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  1. How to get torsional angle on solid elements for torsinal stiffness analysis? I try to use "derived results", but I can't expression node coordinates in cylinder system.
  2. dear members, can I do oil flow simulation in rotating gearbox for Powertrain in AcuSolve? (as the picture from nanoFluidX) I want to have a try in AcuSolve, but I have only little knowelege about CFD.
  3. maybe i have some misunderstand about the follow Help, but I cannot find Hyper3D button: Note: In order to enable the option to create H3D files, you must activate the checkbox labeled launch HV after H3D creation in the Options panel. 1. Select one of the following panels: Contour, Deformed, Hidden Line, Transient, or Geom Cleanup. 2. To control the display attributes for your model: Specify your desired display attributes using visual options or the visual panel. 3. Click the Hyper3d button. Or H3D>HV. Two files are created. One is an H3D file, using anim#.h3d as the file name. The symbol # is automatically assigned to the H3D file. The other is a sample HTML file including an <EMBED> statement for the corresponding H3D file. H3D>HV loads the newly created H3D file into HyperView. You can define this option in the Options panel under modeling. 4. To review the model in a Web browser: •Double-click the HTML file to launch a browser. Or •Click H3D to activate the standalone HyperView Player. You can customize the external HTML template, h3d_template.html, located in the altair/hm/html directory, to suit your needs. Note: In the HyperMesh Geom Cleanup panel, the Hyper3D button is displayed when you select the shaded option in the Visual options subpanel.
  4. I use Marc Mentat 2014, the lastest version. but I think Version is not problem. The h3d file by HvTrans will give different stress results back compared to Mentat Results if you read it in directly -due to Different node averaging, the same problem in HV. But I need to convert the t16 file into same results for H3d compared to Mentat. Another issue is that HV can not read all element types from T16 and prints out error message. I know that somebody build a h3d converter for t16, based on HvTrans. I hope it can be shared.
  5. sometimes we can not read Marc Mentat t16 result file; we can not get the same stress/strain between HV and Mentat; without Linear Extrapolation in HV, but linear extrapolation is default for Mentat.
  6. sometimes i cannot read t16 result of marc

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