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  1. Hello, is there any literature available on how HMMO is working in HyperStudy besides the online documentation? I have a few problems understanding the exact concept. It would be great to get more information about how the GA opererators and the gradient search steps are used within the iteration steps to find the optimum. In the online documentation it says "HMMO consumes only a few model evaluations (typically 5) for gradient estimation". Which model evaluations are selected for the gradient estimation if they are that few? Does the gradient estimation influence the offspring created by the genetic algorithm in any way? Or are they independant of each other in the way that the GA is used to find a region near the optimum and the gradient search to reach convergence? Thanks for your help!!
  2. Hello, I created a finite element model of a wing in HyperMesh. An experimental modal analysis has been performed on the real model of that wing, so I know what the eigenfrequencies and the eigenvectors are. Now I want to do a system identification in HyperStudy. As a response in this study I want to retrieve the eigenvectors at some nodes from output files of the optistruct solver. Under Define Responses - Expression - File sources I can actually see for the .res output file the option to select the eigenvector at a certain node, however, I can't select for which Mode/Eigenfrequency this eigenvector is. Is there a way to select a Eigenvector as a response at a certain node AND for a certain mode? Thanks!
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