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  1. Hi Prakash, There is no TABFAT Loadcollector in my deck. I am conducting a transient response analysis that is referred to in the FATLOAD-Collector.
  2. Hello, OS allows for a *.rnf - File-Ouput that prints for a given set of elements cycle number, stress amplitude, mean stress and damage. 1) There are two additional colums TABFAT_pt1 and TABFAT_pt2. What is the meaning of those two? TABFAT is not specified using an MTRAN-Analysis 2) I would like to plot the rainflow chart on three axis 1. amplitude 2. mean and 3. damage. Is there an option for that in HV? Thanks and best regards JD
  3. Thanks @Prakash Pagadala that was very helpful
  4. Hi Prakash, the loading frequency is not given since the transient response analysis is based an random displacement data via TABLED1 in a TLOAD1 entry. So frequency of stress history output is defined via TSTEP Load Collector, but in TSTEP there is one Entry for Time Increment and One for Output in h3d. So if fatigue analysis would be calculated parallel the frequency for Time Increment could be used. Is that the case?
  5. Hello, for a Fatigue Analysis I am using the LCID entry to refer to a transient reponse load case to evaluate stress history. My question in which manner the stress history is processed. If the Fatigue LC reads stress from h3d-file the output frequency for transient response analysis is very important. Thanks for your comments. JD
  6. Thank you, that formula would help a lot.
  7. Thanks Prakash for the quick reply. Is there an information about of CRTDIST is calculated in case of "AUTO". For example I would like this entry to be calculated generally as T/2 for each and every element (thickness is nodewise assigned overall the model).
  8. Hello, I am conducting a Fatigue Analysis based on Transient Analysis in OptiStruct using Shell Elements. I want OptiStruct to not take the Top or Bottom Layer but the Middle Layer for Fatigue Analysis. There is an entry CRTDIST in PFAT. It is not quite clear to me how this entry works. Is it possible to make OptiStruct take the middle layer by entering T/2? Thanks and best regards
  9. Hi Prakash, yes, that's right. I will have a randomly excited structure analyzied by transient response analysis with a random stress time history in each element. If I do rainflow counting on the load it won't help as the structure responds according to it's eigenmodes and -frequencies. I would like to use the Fatigue Process Manager, though. Regards JD3640
  10. Hello everyone, based on a transient analysis with a measured displacement signal I would like to conduct a fatigue analysis based on rainflow counting. Is it possible for OS to calculate the rainflow matrix for each integration point? Thanks in advance.
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