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  1. "This reference point in .out file is that the reference point to calculate the rigid body modes for inertia relief analysis" Please elaborate. And regarding INREL -2, relative displacements between any two nodes would be same only and here your whole body is deforming subjected to combination of applied loads and balancing fictious inertial loads. SInce here all nodes are moving, relative deformation makes sense but I don't understand how the refernce node is calculated? No.. It's not CG either.. You can try running some analysis with 3D elements as well as 1D springs and check the results file.
  2. AFAIK, displacements of all the nodes are calculated with respect to some reference node. And I can confirm its neither CG nor geometric center of the model (as somewhere mentioned in your forums). Please can anyone give some insights on this ?
  3. Hi, In Optistruct, for solving inertia relief problems, the reference point is the CG of the model by default. How to change this reference point ? Thanks
  4. Hi, In Hypermesh-Optistruct profile, how to create Tie contact between two surfaces? In Abaqus profile it is easy but in Optistruct profile I'm not able to find a way to create it. Thanks.
  5. Bump.. Any way to get coupled modes by applying boundary conditions to fluid elements ?
  6. Hi Rahul, Yes for fluid modes I'm using METHOD(FLUID) = ID no. of EIGRL card, but I'm getting two different modes, i.e one for structure and other for fluid.. I want coupled modes of structure-fluid interaction..
  7. Hi I'm trying to perform modal analysis of a closed pipe with fluid inside it. For fluid, i used MAT10 card and PFLUID fctn property. I created nodesets for fluid and structure interaction faces, and using ACMODL cards, defined FSETS and SSETS. Also I'm getting the .interface file but I'm not getting the pipe-fluid modes.. Not sure where I'm doing wrong..
  8. Hi tinh, Thanks it worked.. BTW any command to get total number of load steps defined ? Like If I have 5 loadsetps, i want the count 5.
  9. Hi, Any command for getting the CARD ID ? Like if I've PARAM card ID as 4, then how to get that value in tcl ? Thanks
  10. Hi Rahul, Sorry but I dont have access to altair script exchange
  11. Hi, Using tcl, I want to find whether any PARAM card is already defined or not, and if found, edit it. Also similary if I want find any Load collectors or load steps already defined (by name), is there any way to do that ? Thanks.
  12. Thanks for the reply. Sorry for the confussion. Here's what I want to do. Suppose I have some elems in mark ID 1 and some in mark ID 2. And now I want to move elems from mark ID 2 to ID 1, without deleting elems already present in mark ID 1, so that in mark ID 1 I have all the elems. Hope now its clear.
  13. Hi, Is it possible to move elements present one mark ID to another without deleting the elements already present in the former mark ID ? I have elements in two diff mark IDs and I need to make use of both sets of elements by referring only one mark ID.
  14. Thanks! It worked. EDIT: Is it possible to move elements present in mark ID 2 to mark ID 1 without affecting elements present already in mark ID 1 ?
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