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  1. Nice, thank you very much! It works! I deleted the loadstep and created a new one using analysis --> loadsteps --> create Seems like a bug in the upper drop down menu like someone said before. Thanks a lot, great support.
  2. Even if I create constraints and responses in this way, i get the same error message and I can't create the constraint to limit my displacement..
  3. Hi, i got some problems with my composite optimization with free size. I want to create a "Constraint" with an upper bound of 4mm refering to a response called "displacement". Therefore i created the "response" called "displacement" with the type "static displacement", selected one node of my surface and chose "total displacement". Now my problem: when i want to create the constraint my software outputs: "Selected subcase (lastfall) is not compatible with the type of response". My loadstep is linear static with a pressure as load and a BC (Constraint, all dof checked) as SPC. You can find my Altair Hyperworks File in the appendix. Thank you ! Altair_Bauteil_Version7_Meshed_Normals_Orientation_Material_Property_Pressure_Constraint_Plies_Laminate_FreeSize.mvw
  4. Hi Guys, currently im executing my bachelor thesis with the task to create a process for developing ideal composite structures with Altair Hyperworks. To get used to the software I carried out all tutorials of the Academic Training Centre concerning the analysis and optimization of composites. (for example: Composite Optimization Student Monocoque, Skateboard and Bike Frame) Well, the software still appears pretty extensive to me and I fail in gaining a foothold. Now to my question: Do you guys know any other sources of tutorials or helpful instructions for composite analysis and optimization? Do you have any tips how to get started? My personal objective is to develop a structure (for example an airplane door) which is a leight weight construction consisting of composite material but though its ideal designed (ply orientation, ply thickness, ply numbers) for specific loads. I hope you can help me. Thank you in anticipation.
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