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  1. Hello Admin, Thank you for replying to my query. I don't have RADIOSS installed in my system. I will use Optistruct or Abaqus for analysis. I also want to know how to inflate the airbag. Do you have any idea on this? Thank you. Vijay.
  2. Hi all, I am working on a dynamic analysis of an airbag. I have modelled an airbag in Hypermesh as two parallel surfaces of diameter 720mm and 1mm apart from each other and then I provided equivalence to the peripheral nodes of both surfaces in order to sew the boundary of an airbag. Now, I want to define contact interface between this two surfaces. I want to know what kind of contact (SLIDE, STICK or FREEZE) should I use for an airbag. Also, I am confused about Orientation of contact (OPENGAP, OVERLAP, NORM or REVNORM) to be defined. Any guidance on this will be highly appreciated. Thank you in advance. Vijay
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