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  1. Well , I cant make separate components before making 3d tetramesh. How can I deal with it ?
  2. Plus, can I ask you an easy question more? With the file sss, I want to make the mesh size of the rods small (say, size=1) and I want to make the mesh size of the cylinder large (say, size=10) Is the interactive mode of 2d automesh the only way I can use ? by clicking one by one ?
  3. I upload two files. sss.step and mesh_file.hm . sss is just the model and mesh_file is the tetrameshed one. Thanks. mesh_file.hm sss.STEP
  4. Thank you Rahul. But, how can I specify the blue region only?
  5. Well, what I want is to assign tetra-meshes into two groups. Group 1 : cylindrical shell without the rods. Group 2 : two rods Thanks.
  6. Hello, I want to make a model including a cylindrical shell (gray) and two rods (blue). I made a set of tetramesh in HyperMesh. And I would save it as .inp and export to ABAQUS to conduct CAE. I want to make the gray section steel , and make the blue section titanium. So, I have to divide the model. I may assign materials in ABAQUS, but ABAQUS doesn't seem to support dividing objects. How can I divide the tetra-meshed model into two groups? Thanks.
  7. Hmm alright... then.. do you guys recommend to assemble them in Hypermesh ? Or in Abaqus?
  8. Hi, I want to put the cylinder part in a base part, and then want to use ABAQUS to solve FEM. I use Hypermesh for generating mesh. Should I generate 3D mesh for the cylinder and the base separately in Hypermesh, and then assemble them in ABAQUS ? Or, Should I make an assembly before porting to ABAQUS ?
  9. Thanks, Could you suggest an article (or video) regarding the issue(making and assembling 2D and 3D meshes in one object) ? Do 2D shell mesh and 3D tetramesh represent highly different result? that much?
  10. Hi, I want to mesh an object built from CAD software. The question is: Can I make 3d tetra mesh on one half of the object, and 2d automesh on the other side ? Ultimately, I want to analyse the mesh by using FEM software ABAQUS. But I haven't heard such a thing that the 2D and 3D mesh can be connected to each other, so I am asking here... Thanks.
  11. Hello, I just looked up the file administrator uploaded on the forum. http://forum.altairhyperworks.com/index.php?/topic/15536-can-i-have-this-file/ Question 1. The material says "Save any failed elements and retrieve them in other panels to modify them." And I really can't understand what it means. How can I modify them in other panel? Which panel and how? Question 2. Plus, I can't follow up with "remove free element edges." I can arrive at the edge panel by clicking "Tools -> Edges," but I don't have an idea on removing the free edges(and T-connection either). Could you let me know which button I need to click?
  12. Hi, I wanted to control 2d mesh by interactive automesh, so I pressed F5 and made a section view as the attached image. But whenever I click automesh again, the section view would be cancelled and I cannot control the meshes inside the volume. Can I perform fixing meshes within section view?
  13. Hi, I am trying to download the file A checklist for reviewing a tria mesh before tetra meshing it and tips for tetra meshing. from http://www.altairhyperworks.com/tip_hm.aspx?_ga=1.267313294.1680879835.1444146990 I can't even register the web. Could you upload here or send me via e-mail? Thanks.
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