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  1. "Warning" : EvaluateResidual failed (NaN encountered). Future warnings will be suppressed. Residual idx=3, RB/30102 FX "Warning":[DASPK]The error tollerances are too stringend "ERROR":[DASPK] The code has encountered trouble from which it cannot recover [input error] I get this kind of error ,when i am trying to run my model on a computer with linux.When i am trying to run my model on a computer with windows i dont get this error.Any ideas?
  2. Hi.My model contains the car chassis and suspensions.The suspensions parts and the chassis are all flexible bodies.I recently added tires to my model.More specific,i did put the sample2002.tire that is included in motionview12 vertion. From the time i put the tires,i have this problem.When i try to solve the model,the solver reaches this line "Partitioning generalized coordinates..." and then it just says "Analyis complete".Thats stupid because the solver didnt solve a thing!It didnt even reach the point where is starts showing the already computed time steps. Any ideas?
  3. Can i translate from Block to Bulk data my model, without losing assighnments between components,props and mats?
  4. Hi all.I have a car chassis in a fem.file in radioss bulk data.All the components ,around 100,are connected with each other, with rbe2 elements.What i want is,to make all the components flexible,and to put them in motionview to work on them. If thats not capable,is there a way to run a multibody analysis in hypermesh, and creating flex bodies, but connecting them with rbe2 elements,not with fix joints? Because it seems i get an error everytime i connect flex bodies with rbe2 on this type of analysis.
  5. Hi.I recently have installed hyperworks student edition and when i try to open hyperview i get this error "The application has failed to start becuse its side-by-side configuration is incorrect.Please see the application event log or use the command-line sxstrace.exe tool for more detail." Any ideas?
  6. I tried the ls dyna thing.And it worked. My guess is that,the debugg option i did,just takes all the "wrong" RBE2 ,and just deletes them from the model. Due to that it left 2-3 components free in my model.But thats no big deal. Thanks!
  7. I dont know much,but if i were you,i would ignore it.
  8. Hello tinh. Thanks for the advice.I will try the "Ls-dyna" thing and see what i can do. Also i would be grateful to learn doing some macro lists because as i see, sometimes they can come very handy. Macrolist creating/editing etc etc,is in any hypermesh tutorial maybe?
  9. I got many(around 50-100) RBE2 elements,that each of their dependent nodes,have multiple independent nodes. How can i find them all in one,and quickly de-bug the model? Except of finding one by one,and re-attaching it to other node,or deleting it.
  10. Hello. My model has 2m dofs and i want to run EIGRL and Trancient modal analysis later. But i want to reduce the solution time.So i want a reducing-method. So far i know the CMS(Component mode synthesis method with Craig Bampton) The problem is ,that Radioss does the same time for solving the problem,when i solve it with EIGRL ,comparing,with CMSmethod. Only difference in CMS is ,that i get also the orthonormalised eigenvalues.But i dont need that.I just need faster results. Any ideas?
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