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  1. Hi All, I want to extract the uniformity index value at the "coordinate plane" in AcuFieldView. Kindly let me to know to measure the UI value at any arbitrary plane.
  2. Hi Kamlesh, Invalid scalar function error. Let me know to rectify the error. computeUniformity.fvx
  3. Hi all, Kindly let us know how to calculate the flow uniformity through a given section/plane.
  4. Hi all For using Realizable K epsilon Turbulence model .If i use intensity and viscosity ratio What will be the optimum value of below said parameters for Internal flows Turbulent velocity scale = Turbulent viscosity ratio =
  5. Hi Ydigit Even i am working with similar problem fluid_int and solid int..Could u please explain with a small example as you Mentioned Above
  6. Hi kamlesh We will have Web meeting at 3.15 pm. Regards, Dinesh
  7. Thanks Kamal for the swift response
  8. Hi I am Working on a Thermal Analysis problem.If i increase the Num Krylov vector from the default value. Will there be change in results or It will lead to faster convergence What will be the optimum value of Krylov vector for Thermal Problems??
  9. How to Calculate torque in Acusolve.I am a beginner Kindly Help me..Help me with steps if available.
  10. Any Chances of Multi-phase in the Next Release?
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