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  1. Hey Serbring, I am a newbie here! I have been using Altair's Multi-Body products - MotionView and MotionSolve. Looking at your message, I think there is some trouble in accessing the license.. Can you try running MV-1000 (interactive model building and simulation) tutorial and tell me the exact error you're seeing? I think I can help you with this.. Let me know! Cheers, Dynamics_Guy
  2. Hi Hexagon, That was a great response. I learned a lot, thank you! I recently started using MotionView 11 (SA-101) and I don't have these problems, so I guess the Altair folks must have resolved the issues.. Syairasm & BSG, Hi! I'm a newbie to this forum.. May I know for what applications do you simulate using Multi-Body Dynamics?
  3. Hey Ankur, What kind of a mechanism are you trying to simulate? Can you give me some details? I can help you follow a methodical process to get your model to work.. I have some experience with Multi-Body Dynamics. Cheers, Dynamic_Guy
  4. Hi Shahrokh, I'm a newbie to this forum!.. I have some Multi-Body Dynamics experience using MotionView / MotionSolve. I just saw your post.. Are you all set with this? Check out tutorials MV-1028 and MV-1029. They're tutorials based on the Point-to-deformable surface constraint and contact.. (rigid to flex contact that you're referring to below) Let me know how it goes. I also have some contact details of people at Altair who can help you with this.. I can also share that with you if you're interested. Ciao, Dynamic_Guy
  5. Hi Dynamic Guy, When coming from the product directly, you will not have to login - but if you come from the website then yes you will need to login to the Client Center first to access. Christine
  6. Hi, There's a link to Help within the product that should give you access to our Documentation. Or you can register as a Client on the HyperWorks website (http://www.altairhyperworks.com/ClientCenterHWValidationForm.aspx) and find either Documenation, Interactive Tutorials or Training Videos. Please let me know if you have problems accessing either place. Thanks, Christine Barrett
  7. Rajesh, I've checked with our India office to confirm your client account. I'm very sorry for the delay! Christine
  8. AltairChristine


    good suggestion.... it's been added so go ahead and chat! Christine Barrett Web Marketing Manager Altair Engineering
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