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  1. Hello again, I am struggeling to find the right settings to get elemental bound tensor results in Abaqus. Could you maybe go into more detail what to do exactly, or even tell me the setting in Abaqus if you happen to know it? Thanks in advance. Regards, Fabian
  2. Thank you for your testing. I am not sure how to change the setting in abaqus to get elemental bound tensor results, but I will try to figure it out and reply if it works. Regards, Fabian
  3. Hello again, thank you for testing it on your end. I sent the .odb-File to your dropbox link from your signature. Not sure if needed, but this is my FLC-data (true strain): Minor: -0.163; -0.068; -0.013; 0.018; 0.054; 0.355 Major: 0.388; 0.302; 0.224; 0.18; 0.189; 0.375 Regards, Fabian
  4. Hello, thank you very much for your reply. I updated Hyperworks to the latest available patch. To be sure I post the "Updates Information" below. Unfortunalty the problem still occurs. Do you have any other idea how to fix the issue? Regards, Fabian Updates Information: ------------------------------------------------------------ acusolve12.0.310 hwdesktop12.0.110 hwdesktop12.0.125_hotfix hwdesktop12.0AbaqusODB6.13 hwdesktophelp12.0.110 hwsolvers12.0.210 hwsolvershelp12.0.210 SimLab12.1_hw12.0 sT9.5_hw12.0 vwt12.0_hw12.0 Versions: ------------------------------------------------------------ hgtrans.exe: (Sep 13 2013) hmobj.dll: 12.0.125-HWDesktop (Sep 14 2015) hmopengl.exe: 12.0.125-HWDesktop (Sep 14 2015) hst_ng.exe: (Sep 13 2013) hstbatch_ng.exe: (Sep 13 2013) hstdss.exe: (Sep 13 2013) hvp.exe: (Sep 13 2013) hw.exe: 12.0.125-HWDesktop (Sep 15 2015) hwmbdmodel.dll: 12.0.125-HWDesktop (Sep 15 2015) hwplot.dll: 12.0.125-HWDesktop (Sep 15 2015) hwplot3d.dll: 12.0.125-HWDesktop (Sep 15 2015) hwpost.dll: 12.0.125-HWDesktop (Sep 15 2015) hwtext.dll: 12.0.125-HWDesktop (Sep 15 2015) hwvideo.dll: (Sep 13 2013) hwx.exe: (Sep 13 2013) templex.exe: (Sep 13 2013)
  5. Hello, I try to plot the Forming Limit Diagram of a deep drawing process in Hyperview 12.0. As input file for Hyperview I use an .odb File, that was created by Abaqus/CAE 6.13-1. When I plot the contour in Hyperview the "result type" dropdown menu gives me the option to select "PE-Plastic strain components (s)" and as a result the values for plastic strain are equivalent in Abaqus and Hyperview. Unfortunatley, when I try to plot the FLD, the "result type" dropdown menu is not giving me any choice and is set to "PE-Global-Plastic strain components" on default. Clicking on the little arrow on the dropdown menu isn't doing anything at all. With the "PE-Global-Plastic strain" selected I get way higher values for my FLD. Why can't I set the "result type" on the FLD tab to "PE-Plastic strain components (s)" instead of "PE-Global-Plastic strain components"? Thanks for your help in advance. Regards, Fabian
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