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  1. Goto model browser and select component view (3rd icon) . You can see the mass, thickness, material everything assigned to the components there.
  2. Include self interference in penetration tool. It will show
  3. No need to create PCONT for simple contact definitions... If you are creating PCONT, it should be assigned to contact not to the parts. Incorrect data in field #4 means, Master of your contact is not a valid entity. While creating contact surface use card image SURF and not ELIST. Or else share the deck to check that error.
  4. Your model small part minimum size is ~0.15. You have set quality checking criteria as 0.2 (threshold). If you want to change this you can edit criteria file.
  5. When you are creating contact surfaces, create with solid elements. If you are creating with face elements (2D), you should consider that as a null and apply the property. In later method, if you delete the faces, the contact surface also will get deleted. (Or ) check your model whether 2D elements are available (CTRIA3 is shell). You may have forgot to delete 2D elements before creating 3D elements.
  6. You can check using update option in the rigids. Just click the independent node it will show you the id.
  7. Hi Mario & Premanand, Thanks for your reply but I need an orthographic projection for a local system with simply clicking Front view/top view options. It will be useful in impact analyses. Hi Prakash, Yes, It is customized for Hypermesh (Script). I got this script in Altair script exchange site. But I cannot able to find this kind of script for Hyperview.
  8. Hi Prakash, Thanks for your reply. Sorry for the late response. Actually, I need to visualize the top view/front view of my assembly with respect to a user-defined coordinate system or local system. Is there any way to do that?
  9. Is there any option in hyperview to visualize the components as per local coordinate system?
  10. Hi, Is there any way to extract frequency vs acceleration curve as an output in the modal analysis?
  11. Hi, Can somebody please tell where I can find this example file?
  12. Thanks a lot tinh... I will check this....
  13. Oh great.. if you are okay. share the details with me....
  14. Yeah tinh... Thanks for your advise. I am checking that also but using Lsdyna d3hsp file. I will try to use this from now onwards. Once again thanks.
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