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  1. actually this for study purpose,My objective want to proof which material (1.PEC-metal 2.Plastic 3.Combination-metal/plastic) is better for shielding effectiveness . the model is not exactly accurate. So what the suitable frequency for the radio car shielding analysis? (from my understanding radio broadcast frequency is 88Mhz to 108Mhz). what is high shielding example? i want to study shielding so i thought a simple case like this with closed model. so i assume that the model front side(control button) is plastic(fix), the housing will be metal, metal/plastic & plastic (variable material). i do not take consider the small hole or slot because i want to simple the model. so you can see the model i attach to you is 1st the front side(control button) ,side left and right is plastic but the back, up and down is metal 2nd model all plastic and 3rd is front is metal only the front side(control button) is plastic " I would expect air / free space inside with electronic components" do you means Region properties (region medium) actually yes. i want inside to be free space no material. maybe i confused with lot of model going around. sorry. Could you share your design setup model for better understanding. maybe you also can share knowledge about shielding or attach journal/ebook or website regarding shielding knowhow? You can email to me norazlan.ramli89@gmail.com i really really appreciated your help. thank you so very very very very much jif. Kind Regards A
  2. actually i try to run 3 type of housing. seem i encounter many error. i beginner in this shielding (EMC) field. i using FEKO v14.0.430 i attach the model for you to see. Really appreciated if you can help me. thanks A CarRadio_125kHz_Metal_Plastic.cfx CarRadio_125kHz_Plastic.cfx CarRadio_125kHz_Metal.cfx
  3. hello jif. i got another error.. this time on running solver. actually i am trying to run shielding analysis on radio car. so i set up the material Polystyrene(plastic) but the back housing is metal (PEC) as the picture below. i really appreciate your help. thank you
  4. hello guys i want to ask why warning is show? warning 594 in cadfeko? and warning 16328 in postfeko?
  5. Hello guys. Can FEKO change from polar Graph to Cartesian graph. where the setting?. just like below.
  6. hello, can hyperworks install on windows 10?
  7. owhh.. its okay.. i already got the answer. i was referring to this... but now i already got the answer. Thanks anyways guys. Domo arigato
  8. Hi everyone, i want to ask The different between twisted cable schematic with common/single cable schematic, twisted pair - share two pins with one source. common cable - separate two pin with two source.
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