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  1. I just included my Input and my Ouput-file. Maybe that helps in order resolve the problem. Thank you so much!! test_file.hm test_file.out
  2. Did you find the error? How did you solve the problem??
  3. Has anyone an idea why this problem occurs? Can it be related to alterations and bugs in the solver of HyperWorks 2017? Or might it be related to a MOTION defined by an unsupported Card? Or maybe a time step that is not well-chosen? I am glad about any hint. Cheers guys
  4. I want to use the model to conduct a topology optimization. Furthermore, I simplified the model significantly. Normally there are more and different components. I am not authorized to publish the original model data. The error is pretty similar though and I don't know how to solve it.
  5. I used VSTIFF. What's the difference between VSTIFF, DSTIFF, MSTIFF etc...? And what is the difference between using Craig-Chan and Craig-Bampton? I changed the Input to MSTIFF. It doesn't help though. However, I saw another error: ERROR: Selected node [id=77468] not found for flexbody [id=1]! ERROR: Failure in calculating invars for FlexBody [id=1]! I don't know why this error occurs. The Point is at the end of a rigid that is connected to my flexible Body?!
  6. Hey guys, I am running a multi-Body Simulation in OptiStruct 2017. The following error occurs: INFO: Parsing XML file [D:/........ ERROR: not well-formed (invalid token) at line 1 ERROR: Error encountered in processing xml input file! Error: Cannot open an MBD result file. This error occurs in module "mbddrv". Do you have any idea why this error is showing up? Thanks already for your advice. Cheers, Mike
  7. Hey guys, I am conducting a topology optimization with an eigen mode subcase. The analysis works fine. However, when setting a topology optimization the following error is given: The SUBCASE ID in ATT1 field of DRESP1 1 does not refer to a modal FRF subcase. The model setup is pretty much exatly the same to the tutorial: OS-2020: Increasing Natural Frequencies of an Automotive Splash Shield with Ribs. Can you give me a hint why this error occurs? Cheers, Mike ... I am working with HyperWorks 2017
  8. A late reply, but: THANK YOU!! that was what I was looking for. You are awesome Tinh!
  9. I just want to print it on the command window. but it says
  10. Thanks tinh, but it doesn't work. Other ideas? Have you tried it? Does is work for you? Cheers, Mike
  11. Hey guys, I've got the following tcl code: hwt::CreateWindow lala \ -windowtitle "title" \ -noGeometrySaving \ -cancelButton Cancel \ -acceptButton Okey \ -acceptFunc applyFunction \ -defaultButton Accept \ -minsize 470 100 \ -post; set recess [::hwt::WindowRecess lala]; set section2 [label $recess.section2 \ -text "entry: " \ -justify left \ -anchor nw \ -font [hwt::AppFont]]; pack $section2 -side top -anchor nw -pady 5; hwt::AddPadding $recess -side top -height [hwt::DluHeight 4]; set valueToPrint [ AddEntry $recess.frame2 label "value:" labelWidth 40 entryWidth 20 anchor nw validate real text 200 withoutPacking]; pack $valueToPrint -side top -anchor nw -pady 5; AddPadding $recess.frame2 width 22 -side left; EntryInsert $valueToPrint 7000; proc applyFunction {args} { tk_messageBox -message "I don't know how to print the value :-("; } Now, I'd like to print the Value "valueToPrint". I tried puts $valueToPrint, but it doesn't work. How can I get access to the parameter defined in the GUI? Thanks for your help. Mike
  12. Hey Tinh, thank you very much for your help! :-) Cheers, Michael
  13. Hey guys, do you have an idea what the best way is in order to find corner nodes of a curved mesh? I want to find the yellow nodes automatically by using a tcl script. A few hints would already be helpful. Thank you for your help. Cheers, Mike
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