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  1. please give more information on your problem. Also, you are trying with freehand or Handles option?
  2. Hey!!! There is no specific documents available to mesh rubber components. only logic matters. Please share me the picture of area,where you facing trouble?
  3. While trying to export complete FE Model solver DECK for abaqus profile,error message mentioned below pops out. How to get rid of it? hm_getvalue: 3528 is not a valid data-name or numeric code hm_getvalue: 3528 is not a valid data-name or numeric code hm_getvalue: 3528 is not a valid data-name or numeric code while executing "hm_getvalue elems mark=1 dataname=3528" (procedure "::Export_GUI::FE_Accept" line 171) invoked from within "::Export_GUI::FE_Accept $toHC" (procedure "::Export_GUI::Accept" line 12) invoked from within "::Export_GUI::Accept" ("eval" body line 1) invoked from within "# Compiled -- no source code available error "called a copy of a compiled script"" (procedure "::hwt::ReleaseCanvasButton" line 1) invoked from within "::hwt::ReleaseCanvasButton 0 .g_Export_Tab.buttonsFrame.applyb" (command bound to event)
  4. sphere shape profile always good to partition with two sections for better mapping results...secondly check geometrical error merge once the existing partitions and try splinting with intersecting lines as reference
  6. Morphing is possible here.But u should be specific with the option what you are trying.Can u share the inner view of geometry
  7. LIKE "position" function in hypermorph .whether any option in morphing tool for transferring elements to components with our dimension or any related data.Exactly exact movement of elements to geometry not by moving with handles approximately
  8. HI, Actually im newly exlporing hypermorph,can anyone please tel me the logic behind morph volume and morph constraints for 3D models.
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