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  1. Is there a command to get indepedent/master node details (id) of a selected RBE2/RBE3 element?
  2. I still don't know how to do this directly, but after rolling my head for a really long time, I've adopted a work around. I've exported each fluid domain (along with face elements under appropriate collectors) as a separate .cas file. If I place the interface elements under a collector named 'Interface', hypermesh automatically neglects those elements and other wall elements get free 1d's at the ends. So I had to fool Hypermesh by placing the interface elements under component named 'Wall' and then export the .cas file. These separate '.cas' files (one for each domain) can now be loaded into fluent by Zone->Append Mesh and change the boundary conditions of the interface elements from 'Wall' to 'Interface'. I can't understand why such a simple task as exporting 'Multiple Domains' as a single case file is this tough.
  3. "hm_entitylist elem id" shows the list of all elements there is. I want a id list of a collection of elements which I can place in a set or table or mark.
  4. When trying to export mesh to cas, an error "*Component names* are assumed to have interface elements and are not included" pops up. I need interface elements (overlapping face elements that are not connected) in my cas file for solving in fluent. How do I export mesh with interface elements.
  5. If it's of help to anyone, Dofs 1, 2, and 3 are radial, tangential and translation degrees of freedom. Dofs 4, 5, and 6 are radial, tangential and translation rotational degrees of freedom. source:http://blog.altair.co.kr/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/RD-1070_-Analysis-of-an-Axi-symmetric-Structure-using-RADIOSS.pdf
  6. Thanks. Keeping options as 'both' solved the problem. I'll let you know in case of difficulties in the future.
  7. These are the last lines in the out file. Which part of the out file are you interested in?
  8. Sorry, my bad. I misread engine file as rad file. Here's the engine file.
  9. Running the rad file directly from Radioss too doesn't give any animation output.
  10. Please excuse me. I don't have permissions to share the file. I hope this is OK. The same RAD file is running without problems and generating A files without any problems in another system. This problem has been more of an on again off again type. It occurs sometimes and solves without any problems some other time.
  11. Radioss explicit analysis process completed successfully, 0 errors, 0 warnings but animation file not generating. Some window of HV Trans is opening and nothing can be done except closing it.
  12. @George P Johnson, Typing it manually in the unsupported cards tab of engine file had no effect. Does this mean that v10.0 doesn't support showing BFRAC as contour?
  13. @George P Johnson, Is it possible that the option that you said is a newer one. Because, we use HyperWorks 10.0 and we couldn't find the option BFRAC for BRICK3D. The options start at D. There's no option that starts with B.(Alphabetical order) Can we do anything with USRi?
  14. In explosive analysis, I was able to see Burn Fraction time history plot by using variable 'BFRAC' under Output Block. How to see animation contours of such variables? What options should I change in the engine file to achieve this?
  15. @Rahul R I'm afraid, you didn't understand my question. I created a multi-page session file that's meticulously planned for a particular assembly's results with each component. Now, there is a small change in the loading conditions, and I've re run it with updated loads. I don't want to create a session file again. It'll be easier to just point the updated h3d file in the session, if that's possible since the views and components didn't change, only the force values have changed. How can I go about achieving this?
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