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  1. Tinh, My loadsteps refer to loadcollectors which have LOADADD card image. These then refer to 3 additional loadcollectors. When I hide all loadcollectors then display loadsteps, the LOADADD loadcollectors are displayed but the loadcollectors referred to by the LOADADD cards are not... Which is annoying. Your code did something a bit strange. It displayed as expected but it deleted all but one loadcollector regardless of being displayed. It's an odd one. I don't see anything wrong with your code so am a bit puzzled as to why it would do this. Don't worry too much, its more about cleaning up the model and removing things which are not referred to so my models run fine. I just hate warning notes on the optistruct lol. Cheers Andy
  2. Awesome, I will give it a go and let you know. Many thanks again Ting
  3. Hi Tinh and hope you are well. It's more of a clean up thing. I have list of loadsteps and with them loadcollectors. The issue is that when I delete the loadsteps which I do not need, the loadcollectors remain even though they are not referred by anything. Ideally I would need a delete unused loadcollectors but alas that button doesn't work. The loadcollectors carry a massive chunk of info (namely pressure load on numerous elements) so I would for the sake of reducing file size like to get rid of anything which isn't used. The way I do it manually is 1. Hide all loadcollectors 2. Display all loadsteps 3. Double click all loadcollectors which are displayed as this then displays all loadadd loadcollectors. 4. Delete anything which is not displayed. Hope this makes sense. Cheers Andy
  4. Hi all, I am trying to produce a script which lists displayed entities. Specifically, I am looking to write a script which displays all loadsteps, then creates a list of all loadcollectors, hides then reshows them and deletes all non-displayed loadcollectors. it seems a bit long winded but my model contains loadadd loadcollectors and when I come to delete unused loadcollectors it doesn't identify any... despite there being a good number which are in no way used. Cheers in advance Andy
  5. Cheers Mario, Will give it a go and let you know. Kindest regards Andy
  6. Hi All, I seem to have a recurring issue and it doesn't seem to make much difference if I use S2S or N2S. I have a number of very similar models, all set up the same way and I would only expect a mild difference in stress distribution and contact. What I get is with some of the loadcases I have an extremely high contact force. Now I've encountered this before and have needed to switch to gaps but this time I really do need the contact forces exported. Here are some notes..... NLPARA = NINC 10 PARAM = CNTSTB Contact card = Adjust = auto, type = slide, MORIENT = Norm. In general, slave contact surface is smaller mesh size. I've added some images....
  7. Perhaps I am not fully understanding what the GUI builder is meant to do but ideally I would like a tool to position buttons and text boxes as I am struggling with the pack commands in my scripts - I've added a pic to demonstrate my problem.
  8. Cheers Tinh, Hope you are well. Yea, mine doesn't seem to have any options. All I get is a demo panel which shows me the various widgets and the code (assigned to those buttons) but nowhere to position buttons or read in code. Maybe there were more options I needed to click when installing the software and this is just a basic demo version? Cheers Andy
  9. Does anyone know how to use HWTK studio to develop guis? I can't get my head around the positioning of buttons and text boxes so was hoping the HWTK gui toolkit doesn't seem to have anything like that in it. When I click file, all it offers me is Exit.... which isn't exceptionally useful.
  10. Quick question everyone... Is it possible to extract contact forces in such a way that they can be imported into another model as a pressure? The model I have has wearpads with contact OPTI - so I get a text file with a force result for that contact, but when you open the result in Hyperview, you can clearly see how the force varies over the surface.. and that's what I need to simplify my model. Does anyone know how to extract that result? The image below is reported as a net of 13.4kN in the opti file yet clearly the majority is in the corner.
  11. Many thanks, that's awesome, I'll make sure to add it to my quality control process.
  12. Hi all, Been having issues with a model recently, previous versions of it have been converging but recently it seems to have just stopped converging. I've managed to get it to converge but after over an hour of processing (it should have taken 10 minutes), when viewed, there appears to be many orphan nodes. Can orphan nodes cause convergence issues? How can you get rid of them in hypermesh? Cheers Andy
  13. Dear me I am slow at responding, sorry I hadn't seen your reply. Alas I can't share the model itself as it is for a client. I can confirm that the problem converged. I can share the out and CNTF file. Subcase 107, contact pad 3 & 11. I can confirm that the distance between both contact surfaces is 1.75-(1.5+0.005) = 0.245mm & 2.6-(2.5+0.005) = 0.095mm respectively. Clearance is set to 0.0mm. Sorry I can't share more.
  14. Along those lines but the loadcase subtitle is not a selectable option. Seems a bit strange to have the option in Hypermesh but no means in Hyperview to access it.
  15. Hi Pranav, Many thanks alas I should have been a bit clearer in my initial description, am aware of how to add notes on hyperview and have a standard set up template (see below), I'm looking to add to that template with the loadcase subtitle... alas the struggle. Model: {window.shortmodelfilename} Title: {window.modeltitle} Boom Angle/Extension: [i.e. 0Deg / 0mm] Loadcase: {window.loadcase}
  16. Hi all, I'd like to be able to display Loadstep Subtitles in the upper left window notes in Hyperview but cannot find a command (looking for something along the lines of {window.modeltitle}) in the help section. Any ideas anyone? Cheers Andy
  17. Ok weird... deleted last } then put it back in... now works like a dream!
  18. Hmmm new problem.... here's my code *createmark tags 1 all set lst_tagIDs [hm_getmark tags 1] foreach tagID $lst_tagIDs { set tagval [hm_getvalue tags id=$tagID dataname=name] set tagNode [hm_getvalue tags id=$tagID dataname=entity] set S1 [string trim $tagval ":"] set tagName [string trim $S1 "N-*"] *createmark nodes 1 $tagNode *renumbersolverid nodes 1 $tagName 1 0 0 0 0 0 } Here's the error.... extra characters after close-brace extra characters after close-brace while executing "foreach tagID $lst_tagIDs { set tagval [hm_getvalue tags id=$tagID dataname=name] set tagNode [hm_getvalue tags id=$tagID dataname=entity] ..."
  19. Success... set tagval [hm_getvalue tags id=9000003 dataname=name] set tagNode [hm_getvalue tags id=9000003 dataname=entity] set S1 [string trim $tagval ":"] set tagName [string trim $S1 "N-*"] *createmark nodes 1 $tagNode *renumbersolverid nodes 1 $tagName 1 0 0 0 0 0 obviously replace id=9000003 with the foreach command Thanks ever so much for your help
  20. Tinh and Livil, Many thanks for your help. Livil, the code is struggling (or rather I am struggling) with extracting the Node number the tag is currently applied to... this is what I get. (Documents) 102 % set tagval [hm_getvalue tags id=9000003 dataname=name] N-9004: (Documents) 103 % set tagdata [split $tagval :] N-9004 {} (Documents) 104 % set tagNode [lindex $tagdata 1] list element in braces followed by "" instead of space Now I have tried *createmark tags 1 "by tag name" N-9004: hm_getmark tags 1 (displays the right tag number) *createmark nodes 1 "by tag id" {*}[hm_getmark tags 1] But this seems to go off and find different nodes - and more of them, I was expecting 1 node but it seems to find 49!
  21. Here's a bit of a challenge and certainly one which has bamboozled me so far... Our models need to follow a particular numbering system, we already have a code which quickly renumbers literally everything in the model to a specific number range. But an add on we would like is to be able to rapidly renumber specific node numbers. In the models, we tag nodes with a label like "N-9001" meaning that node number must be 9001 (long story but we work on include files which must slot together so certain nodes must be certain numbers). At the moment this is a manual process but what I would like is a code which could createmark by tag name N9001, then renumber node to 9001. Can this be done? If so, how?
  22. Ah got ya. Thanks again Tinh (apologies, I realise that I actually mis-spelt your name earlier)
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