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  1. am receiving ***ERROR: ELEMENT 104 IS CLOSE TO PARALLEL WITH ITS BEAM SECTION AXIS. DIRECTION COSINES OF ELEMENT AXIS 0.0000 0.0000 -1.0000. DIRECTION COSINES OF FIRST SECTION AXIS 0.0000 0.0000 -1.0000. (User Profile - Abaqus) ELement Type - B31. For analysis purpose i use to renumber the center element, as am applying pretension in center element.
  2. CAD Geometric feature lines does not appear when i zoom in & out..But when i keep it without zooming after importing into hHyperMesh, feature lines are there. .But the issue occur while zoom in & out.. HyperMesh V2017.2
  3. Thanks for your prompt response.. I have run the model again, but job did not run again... And i have attached the files for your reference... i have also contacted local support team also, but issue has not yet solved. Mixing_Elbow_16Oct18.zip
  4. Hi Acupro, i have posted as a new topic - AcuSolve Log file issue. Please review and suggest
  5. Am uable to view the results in AcuViewer, as log file is not available in my working directory and while solving the Auctail window also does not pop up.... But while i meshed the component before solving, Acutail window poped up....What may be the issue for log file missing.. i have attached the snap shot of both solving window and my working directory
  6. After launching acusolver....Am unable to view to the log file..I went to the running directory, but am unable to find it
  7. Hi, I need some guidance regarding plastic mesh of some complex component..Am doing it manually using surface pair, mid line , offset options..Is there any reference model which have been done already..i just need any plastic CAD model before and after midsurface extraction for reference purpose..
  8. Hi George, To determine sealing pressure and stress of it, due to force applied from door closure... Rubber component seams to be complicated,as it has many cuts..We are trying to perform hexamesh...Can you share ur mail id ..i will share the snap of the rubber component as it is confidential..
  9. Hi, i need to perform FEA analysis over rubber seal in car door panel..Is there any guide lines or tutorials related to it..
  10. Thanks for your prompt response..George..It has been solved...
  11. Hi Prakash, Am receiving error as , Missing "NORMAL TERMINATION" in output file. Can you check it.. Fullcar_27Mar18_V1_0000.out
  12. Hi George, Can you provide Quality criteria file, which is used for crash analysis of automobiles.. I have gone through basic batchmesh crash criteria file ..Apart from it, is it possible to provide Quality criteria file for the below model suggested by you..
  13. George...Thanks for your prompt response and i have downloaded the same..
  14. I need a Automotive Hm file to practice, Crash Analysis using Radioss. I have gone through the video tutorials of it, in the E Book. For training, I needed the basic HM file with the connector file (Separately), which I noticed from the book “Introduction to explicit analysis by Radioss” (in Pg No. 388).
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