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  1. Hi, I would like to know, is it possible to solve any simple problem, using global constraint & block aggregated approach by varing relaxation , aggregation and penalty parameters? Thanks
  2. Hi Rahul, Yes. I am looking for optimization under stress constraints. So exploing more on relaxation method and aggregation methods throguh optistruct. Thanks
  3. Hi, Can anyone suggest examples to perform optimization using aggregation and relaxation methods. Thanks S
  4. For option 2: is it possible to develop a script for same purpose i.e importing CAD and mesh separately.(since am new to scripting)
  5. Hi, After generating mesh for any assembly, it will be very difficult to check which elements are not projcted to surface. This is even more difficult to check when Geometry and CDB files are imported seperately. Is there is any script or a method to hilight the elements/node which are not on the surfaces/not projected to surfaces. Regards, Sagar
  6. can you share the document on " how element quality is calculated". preferably in the form of PDF. thanks, sagar
  7. Hi, I have a *cdb file imported in HM. I have created/updated few node entity sets. When i renumber all the nodes and elements, most of the entity sets are not showing properly. Can anyone tell what could be the reason, why node entity sets are not showing correctly and how i can avoid this. thanks,
  8. Hi, I want to renumber some nodes and elements starting with some specific number. For example, for a particular set of nodes i want to renumber from 1001 to 1050, and elements from 50 to 100. Thanks
  9. Hi, Is it possible to generate/extract midsurface of big assembly in to separate individual components. And the extracted midsurface components should be assiged with the thickness automatically. is possible to make the software undertand the thickness or let it to calculate. It looks very difficult but your thoughts and ideas will be highly appreciated. thanks
  10. yes i know that. I wanna know , what is the theory and calculation behind those qulaity parameters irrespective of solvers. I hope you understand what am looking for. Thanks,
  11. Hi, can anyone explain how the quality parameters are calculated. How the values are derived, for example maximum angle 140deg. are there any calculations behind that? How exactly solution varies by varying quality parameters. If any one has the document please share. Thanks,
  12. okay .... i will try to create..thanks for ur help
  13. Tinh, Thanks.... but if import the model2.hm ... the sets will not automatically gets updated. It shows as xyz.10 ( if already xyz set is created in model1.hm)... So just wanna know is there any way, where the set automatically gets updated..... othter wise i have to rename or merge these set again. Thanks, Sagar
  14. Hi, i have one half meshed which contain many nodal and elemental sets. Now i want to reflect it to make full meshed model. If i reflect the model, the sets will not come. As it is very time consuming to create the sets again because the number of sets to create are 100+. Is there any way , even after reflecting the model, to get the mesh along with sets updated. thanks, Sagar
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