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  1. Thanks for the suggestion. Just gave that a try, but no luck. I tried both YES and CNTSTB. It does say at the bottom that "This parameter does not apply to geometric nonlinear solution sequences (NLGEOM, IMPDYN or EXPDYN)." I'm using NLGEOM, so that's probably why.
  2. This may actually belong in the RADIOSS thread, as that is the solved ultimately being used.
  3. Hi, I've been trying to find the force required to create an interference fit between two parts. I'm fully constraining one of them, and placing an SPCD upon the other. The contact between the parts is a sliding one (I've tried different values of friction, but nothing seems to help). I'm using a non-linear implicit analysis. The solver gets quite far down the line, but then crashes at some point because it cannot converge. One of the parts begins to deform (as it is supposed to), but then the solver doesn't get any further. Chamfering the goemetry to avoid sharp edges helped some, but not enough. Any thoughts, or a location where I can share a large .fem file? Thanks, Jai
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