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  1. Hey acupro, my model is running very good now. I created a better CFD Mesh with a BL growth rate, which is higher than 1.0. I think this was very important. This value is supposed to be always greater than 1.0 in every model. Furthermore your advance to set the wall condition to slip was very helpfully. I built up a another model with wall, which results are not so good compared to the slip results. I think can be happy with my results, which you can check if you want. At least I have to say thank you once again! //Thomas 00_results.zip
  2. Hey acupro, thank you for your big support! It was very helpfully. Sorry for the wrong topic, I will do it better for next time. I create a new model today, which results look good at the first view. But I think there is still some trouble wit the vortices. Maybe you can take a look at my files once again, they are enclosed. Have a nice weekend! //Thomas 11_Venturi_Pipe_Problem_Update1.zip
  3. Hello everybody, my name is Thomas from Germany and I am working on my Bachelor Thesis, which is about the topic CFD, at the moment. I am at the beginning of my Thesis and at first i want to create a simple model validation. My topic is about an easy Venturipipe, which gets passes through water. So there are only two variables, which are important: The pressure and the velocity, which i estimate with an analytical calculation, too. The Venturipipe has got a rejuvenation. And if you think about the Bernoulli´s equation, the velocity gets higher and the pressure goes down near the rejuvenation. When the fluid leaves the rejuvenation, the values supposed to be retransform back to the input values. And the model gets unrealistic at this point: When the fluid leaves the rejuvenation, is does not get slower. I create the model data with HyperMesh 13.0. Unfortunately i am not able to find any mistake in the input file, which is computed with AcuSolve. I hope that someone will hear my problem and is able to solve it. Probably there is only a little mistake, which destroys the complete model in the end. Thank you for your support in advance! Best regards, Thomas PS: There is a zip.file enclosed, which includes all the important data and some results, too. Venturi_Pipe_Problem.zip
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