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  1. Hello, It is possible to write subroutine for optistruct? (like for abaqus for example) If yes is there a guide available? Regards
  2. Do you know if it is possible to write a subroutine that define a user defined field variable? And link it with a dependency to material properties?
  3. I had a document that explain how to write the user mat sub. My first think is to do something like this: Put 2 properties E1 and E2 with E1 modulus young of material 1 and E2 modulus young of material 2. if I take a square of L length size I can model the evolution of E with an exponential law E(x=0)=E2 and E(x=L)=E1. Where x is the x coordinates of the integration point. My question is, in a subroutine is there a variable that contains the coordinates of this point like in ABAQUS (COORDS)??
  4. Thk. So, the dll file is th subroutine file? If yes do you have docuentation on how to write a subroutine for matusr for optistruct?
  5. Hi thk you for your reply. But if I want to create my own law I have to create a new dll file? I don't see the attachment can you re send it? My goal is to create a law for two materials in 1 component with diffuse transition between both mat. like in this pic. Thk you D
  6. Hello, I want to create a custom mat card in optistruct using MATUSR card I saw that I have to load a dll file in which the information are stocked. My question is: is this file creating with a specific subroutine/code? How do I write it? Thx
  7. So if I want to use it in RADIOSS for an optim problem I can? or I have to use the card compatible only with optistruct?
  8. Thk you. I will use the mat card for radioss solver they seem to be more flexible (with the USERij) I saw that there is a way to make optimization with radioss and optistruct by creatng another specific input file for the translation of data to radioss to optistruct (that perfomr the opti problem). Do mat card specific to radioss like the USERij is applicable for opti problem?
  9. Last question. It is possible to do the same thing on optistruct? radioss seems to have more option but is there an equivalent for optistruct?
  10. Hi, I cannot find the /LAW87 in the online manual...
  11. Thk you for your reply. I will have a look. Do you think that if I want a material properties distribution like the image above I can use the MAT USER card by creating a custom function?
  12. Hello, I want to make a static analysis of a multi material 3d printed component. Like it's an anisotropic behavior I choose radioss to perform the analysis. My question is, how to model the fact that the materials properties are not the same in the component ? It is possible to create a custom material card for this kind of application? And define a function that control the material change in the component. I attached a pictures showing what king of component I want to study, with a smooth material transition. Thk Nice day F
  13. Hi! I have the same error how did you fix it please?? thx
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