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  1. Hello everybody, I was currently trying to generate a surface from stl. data I imported into Hypermesh. After processing "surface from FE" it generated I surfface only under the surcumstance of decreasing surface complexity. Doing so the edges are detected and but the surface is devided into uncontinous parts, with the Step. data surface being not smooth. Both, the Hpermesh and step. Data in CATIA are shown in the images below. My question is, if someone can help me with instructions how to generate smooth accurate surfaces from the stl. data, as they are prestented in the data. Thank you in advance for your help Kind regards Dean
  2. Hi Everybody, I have simulated the torsion of a chassis. Therefore I would like to plot the displacement of the chassis along the x coordinate of it. As there is HyperGraph to plot such things, I don't know how to get the needed informations from Hyperview to hypergraph, in order to plot the wanted curve. Can someone help me with this case? Thanks a lot in advance Dean
  3. thanks tinh I will try with that.
  4. Hey guys, thank you Prakash, it's exactly the problem you mentioned. @ajd-brown You need to creat seperate dependent nodes for each RBE3 element you creat. Otherwise you will get the same error message as I have. @Prakash Pagadala: can you tell me, how to creat seperate nodes for each RBE3 element, so that I can hide them every time I hide the RBE_element? Kind regards in advance Dean
  5. Hello everybody, " my name is Dean and i have a Problem with RBE 3. Doing the check-analysis I am getting always the error # 173 saying that " A dependent d.o.f. defined more than once in rigid element entry. GRID ID = 214823 component = 1" I have checked the elements for dependency and the browser tells me, that there are no elements with double dependency. Besides I tried to delete the node, but the error is the same. I as well checked for the node with the find function, with the result, that the centre point of the rbe3 element was meant. I would be very thankful if somebody could help me, because I am pretty stuck with this and need help pretty urgently. Kind regards and thank you for your help in advance Dean
  6. Hello everybody, I am doing research work with Altair and optistruct solver optimizing a carbon fiber laminate. In this research I would like to give a quick overview over theoretical basics of laminate theory. Therefre I was wondering, if I could track somehow the calculating of the programm.For example, I would like to show the inputs in the ABD-Matrix as well the transformations of the uni stiffness in stiffnes for each layer. Is there any possibility, to show and get this information? Kind regards Dean
  7. Thanks guys, now I get a failure solution in my anaylsis calculation.
  8. Hi Prakash, thank you for your reply. I Have attached the output_file so you can see yourself. The only warning message I get during running the optimization ist : *** WARNING # 1569 for element id = -10003. Thickness is zero for this composite. This will produce meaningless stress results and may cause singularity of the global stiffness matrix. What I am wondering about is that I had stacking optimiaztions with the same warning message, that ended in a feasible solution. I hope you can help me with this one Kind regards Dean nb016_V1_1.2_prop_reduced.out
  9. Hi everybody, I have problems reaching a feasible design at the last stage of the ply optimization. I am trying to minimize the displacement during the shuffling of the plys. After the first iteration the solver stops without a message in the Message log, if it is feasible or infeasible. Did anybody had the same problem or can help me with this topic Kind regards Dean
  10. Hi Prakash, After I have optimized my structure, I analysed it, so I got a solver deck. After that I made my adjustments by inserting the needed code into the solver deck. now when I try to import the solver deck I get the following process message. Could you explain the process after I have finished my optimization and before I start the analysis? Thank you so much. Dean
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