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  1. Hey Matthieu,

    I am Mostafa. I am trying to import solidworks 2015-16 file into solidthinking but it would not let me do it. It show nothing in the solidthinking screen. I did convert the solidworks file to parasolid.x_t and still not working. 

    Is there anything else I should do that will let me import the solidworks file into Inspire? 


    Thanks alot!




    1. Matthieu Pupat1535393716

      Matthieu Pupat1535393716

      Hello Mostafa,

      Please send your file to our support email address ( support at solidthinking dot com )so that we can have a look.

      Thanks in adavance,


  2. Hey, I am Mostafa. This is my first time to use Solidworks and I have a problem importing Solidworks 2015 file into Solidthinking 2015. I converted the file into parasolid file and still did not work and showing nothing inside solidthinking. Thanks!
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