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  1. Rahul, Fit does not generate any workable geometry. It generates 1 small triangle.
  2. The optimization result I have chosen is taken from shape explorer. Using fit does not yield any workable surfaces. The problem occurs when using "save to evolve" or exporting the result. When I open it in evolve it crashes due to the amount of elements and SolidWorks does the same.
  3. Hi all! Is there a good way to smooth and simplify results that you get from Inspire? My optimization result has so many elements that it is impossible to manipulate. There is no option to use an optimization with "more material" since that would yield the entire original design space. Thanks in advance, Mika
  4. You speak of applying this "blank" and smoothing the result. Is there a quick easy way to do this? Currently my model has so many elements that any manipulation in Evolve takes forever to draw and often crashes. Thanks for any advice!
  5. Hello all, When i run my optimization there is no result displayed in shape explorer at the "recommended solution" (the star). Increasing material yields solutions in which the non-design areas are not connected. The "most-material" solution is the only one which connects but is a fully dense representation of the design space. I ran both a maximum stiffness optimization with a frequency constraint as a minimize mass optimization with the same frequency constraint. 3 questions: - Is there a way to ensure the non-design always connects - Is there a way to refine the scale of shape explorer. Ie run an optimization between mass 3 and 4 kg? - Is there a way to use the previous optimized result as a starting point for the next optimization. (Ie use the solution as the design space?(+offset would be great). Thanks for any help! Mika
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