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  1. Hi Would you please give me an example file in which the enforced displacement is applied and the out put is the required force that has created that displacement. I was wondering if I can have force as a result in hyperview. tnx
  2. Would you please give some explanation about contact traction Normal (pressure)?? What does this out put in Hyperview refers to? Please explain in detail I have out put the contact force and this is one of the element of contact out put
  3. What is Contact traction/ Normal (pressure)? someone told me you need to compare the value of contact traction / Normal (presure) in Hyperview. But I don't know what exactly this traction is?
  4. Would you please explain more. i don't understand why contact force on two pieces are different. they are action and reaction forces and they should be equal just in opposit direction of each other
  5. Hi I have a question regarding the contact forces results. I am not sure these contact forces in Hyper view demonstrate what. I have done a simple nonlinear analysis Pressure is applied on the core cap and 6 bolt forces each one equal to 120 KN as shown below and this bottom surface is constrained fully The follwing is the results I got for the contact forces Contact forec on the core cap piece, 4.58 E3 N Contact force on the core piece 8.9E3 N I don't understand why these two numbers are not equal. They are action and reaction forces. contact force here in this problem is internal force right? so the amount of force that core applies to the core cap should be equal to what core cap applies to core just in opposit direction to have equilibrium Even if I consider core cap only and write the equilibrium equation for that bolt force + Normal contact force applied the core cap is not equal to pressure* cross area which is weird i appreciate if you can explain me what these contact forces really are in Hyperview.
  6. Hi I have done a linear static analysis in optistruct and I activated CONTF control card from GLOBAL OUTPUT REQUEST. but I didn't have any contact force in the results in Hyper View. Would you please guide me. Thanks I have attached my file 7nonlinear.HM
  7. bita

    ERROR ID : 482

    Thanks a lot. the new file is working. i will update you with the results
  8. bita

    ERROR ID : 482

    Hi George Thanks a lot for your help but this file doesn't go through the run process. There is no error but I couldn't run the model. I have version 14 on my PC. Please see the .out file from the file you sent me. model_0000.out
  9. bita

    ERROR ID : 482

    I have done so. I just sent you my file I appreciate if you can check it.
  10. I am doing an analysis in radioss. I want to find the required force to install the clip in a sheet metal. I have done all the setup but I don't understand why it gives me this error. i appreciate if some one can help ERROR ID : 482 ** ERROR IN INTERFACE DEFINITION (MASTER SEGMENT) DESCRIPTION : -- INTERFACE ID : 2 -- INTERFACE TITLE : edge CANNOT FIND ELEMENT OF MASTER SEGMENT ID=114
  11. Hi Prakash Your model shows the results for both subcases Is there any way to see the result for combination of these two sub cases? doing a kind of super position for displacement for instance.
  12. Hi Prakash Thank you very much for your help Attached is the .out file. I am gonna try the file you have attached and let you know FRA_processX,Y,Z mat up.out
  13. Hi I am doing FRA analysis using optistruct. I have 3 differenet load steps for X, Y and Z direction. I want to see the results of all these 3 load steps in Hyperviw and do a superposition. I have defined all my load steps in Optistruct but the analysis goes only through the first load step and the result created are only for that load step. I don't know how can I have all these 3 load steps in one run. Thanks for your help in advance.
  14. Hi Prakash I got this error. I searched but I couldn't find anything *** ERROR # 5408 *** Aborting analysis because no structural modes have been computed in the modal dynamic subcase 1. *** PROGRAM STOPPED: FATAL ERROR(s) ENCOUNTERED.
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