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  1. Please mention any material or reference sites for maco/script writing for hypermesh. Thank you.
  2. how to check angular velocity units in hypercrash?
  3. What is the difference between initial velocity and imposed velocity in hypercrash? and how to apply rotational axis point?
  4. Is it not possible in hypermesh..
  5. How to create type 4 Admas element in Radioss?
  6. RamF


    how to add type 4 admas element.
  7. No sir direct mesh connection. if there is mesh can i apply two material for two halves.
  8. Is it possible to connect rigid material body mesh to normal material mesh with out connectors.
  9. i'm getting no error but interference is failing. it is for applying more gravity force
  10. it is working for small analysis but for complex structures it is not. is it problem with force vs penetration curve?
  11. it is not working properly for gravity loads.
  12. How to create Rigid to rigid contact in radioss? Is it possible with out interferences?
  13. I am getting segmentation error if i apply angular velocity to shell elements, but for solid elements it is not. why can any one tell me.
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