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  1. Hi Pranav, Actually no. For two identical hex elements, if node IDs are same, and element IDs are different they are duplicate elements. I am trying to make same element IDs, but I believe it is not possible with our common methods. Thanks, Hamdi
  2. Hi all, I have a question regarding Elements ID matching. I have two identical 3d hex meshed model. I know we can easily match node ID's using "Equivalence" option, but is there an option making also for elements? Thanks, Hamdi
  3. You can also remesh shell elements too selecting locally (2d-> Automesh -> Elements (instead of surface at left side)) and change parameters.
  4. If I understand correctly you are using tetra elements, so you can remesh your small elements locally just changing mesh parameters.
  5. Hi 0-Create cdb file from Hypermesh, 1-Read your cdb file in Ansys Classic (you should see all your components), 2-Write a cdb file from Ansys Classic. 3-You can import this new cdb file in FE Modeler which you should see all components. As a reminder you do not need Real Set just Element type is enough for creating cdb file from Hypermesh.
  6. Hello Alberto, Could you use shell model instead of 3D?
  7. Hello Alberto, Could you use shell model instead of 3D?
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