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  1. Update: I just updated intel wireless driver. the network adapter for this laptop is Intel Dual Band Wireless AC7265. 

    And I put the license file with psychical address for this adaptor under Wireless LAN adaptor wifi (ending in 95 from the original post) in the security folder, and HyperWorks actually works! This seems like a unique case, I dont know what exactly happened, but the license file started working after updating the network driver.. 


    network adadptor.PNG

  2. I do not have RJ 45 port. I have HP Spectre X360 Laptop. And I don't think I have ethernet adaptor installed on this device, I only have wireless adaptor that's why I am not getting any information for ethernet connection. I tried installing intel network adaptors for windows 10, which was interrupted because I have no ethernet adaptor present on this device. Do you know if I can externally install ethernet adaptor, or if Altair provides student licenses for computers without ethernet adaptors? 

  3. Hi Thanks for the super fast reply. 


    Maybe I'm getting this all wrong. But one more question. Maybe Ethernet Adapter for my PC isn't enabled because I have not used ethernet connection. Do I have to be connected to internet with ethernet port to be able to find the ip address for ethernet adapter local connection? If so, do I have to be connected to internet with ethernet port to use Hyperworks student edition to use the software each time I open it? 


    The getmac command shows two addresses. But the one ending in 95 is a wireless connection and the one ending in 99 is for ethernet adapter bluetooth connection which I suppose will not be valid for the license. 





  4. Hi, 

    I use Windows 10 hp laptop. When I was ordering the license, I first used ALM SinglehostID file. This for some reason returned 00000000000000E0 as my Host ID. So I pasted it onto the box for Host ID and just went ahead to order. - since ethernet ID is only 9 character long 000000000 was recorded as the hostID. (See picture 2. under Tunnel adapter isatap>Physical Address is 00000000000000E0?)


    Then I realized that there's no way the ethernet ID would be as simple as nine 0's. So I used command > ipconfig/all for ethernet ID detection.


    Which showed multiple connection types and multiple IDs. It shows that my node type is hybrid? (See picture 1 and 2). 

    So I just ordered 2 more licenses using the two shown ethernet ID's (4C34885D3A96 AND 4C34885D3A95)


    So in total, I placed 3 orders with 000000000, 4C34885D3A96 AND 4C34885D3A95. 

    Currently 2 orders are approved first 000000000, then 4C34885D3A96. I am still waiting on the order on 4C34885D3A95.

    I'm not sure if I am doing this correctly or not. And I don't know if I can order licenses for multiple ethernet ID's from one id and expect HW to work properly.

    So far, I downloaded the licenses after I received approvals for the first two ethernet IDs, and I am getting license error 6 when I start. 


    Lastly, with 2 orders approved, I am seeing 4 downloadable license options under Licenses in Student Edition Downloads (see picture 3). They all say expiry date is 2015-12-01). After opening up all 4 of them, I realized two files are for the hostID 000000000, and the other two are for 4C34885D3A96. I don't get why I get two files for each hostID... But all 4 of them do not work (I get license error 6). So I will wait for the 4C34885D3A95 license for now. 






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