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  1. I am doing impact attenuator analysis by mat33 material for which i have defined a sample graph (note: the coordinates of stress vs volumetric strain are same as defined in the video)

    The IA is continuous compressing till the volume goes to zero and then the solver terminates the solving process. Please look over the issue soon as i have to attach this IA on full body crash model. 
    Also after impact it is not bouncing back
    Thanks and regards,






  2. Hello sir,

    I am performing honey comb analysis (energy absorbed) in Radioss block,material card as M28 Honey comb. I have generated the curves for material.

    Number of points are around 500.I have entered incorrect values at many coordinates, i want to edit/change the magnitude of X and Y axis in radioss itself. Please help.

    Thank you.

  3. hello sir,

    I am also having this same problem of curves. unknowingly i have assigned multiple y values to same x coordinate.

    How can I edit the curve points in radioss itself? as the no of points are many i don't want to import it again through excel file.

    thank you.,

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