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  1. Hi, I am using version 13.0. Is it because of the version?
  2. Dear all I want to creat an contact with PCONTX property. But I could not find where to set up the parameters. I only fine PCONT card, but when I checked the PCONTX option, there are not any parameters in PCONTX appear. How to set up these parameters? Thanks!
  3. Do you mean that both Type 8 and Type 13 can solve my problem?
  4. hi, is it possible to use Type 8 spring to simulate the cbush element?
  5. Dear all I have used F-D curves to define a cbush element in optistruct. Is it possible to creat similar element in radioss? I don't know how to define Bush element in radioss. could you help me? I used three KN-line to define the Pbush element. how to convert to radioss?
  6. hi, Thanks for your answering! You mean the oscillating can not be removed by adding damping? If it is possible, how to add damping?
  7. Hi, Thanks for your answering. But I can not open your dropbox, I uploaded files there. example-small_time_step.h3d example-small_time_step_0000.rad example-small_time_step_0001.rad example-small_time_stepT01 example-small_time_step_0001.out
  8. dear all I have made a impacting analysis, but after impacting the object is oscillating. how to add damping to the model to remove the oscillating? Thanks!
  9. Thanks for your patience! I will check my model.
  10. dear all how to solve incompatible kinematic? there is a warning when I make crash analysis.
  11. hi, I added gravity, but the result is not reasonable. It shows that the total energy increased and the internal energy increased from 0.
  12. yes, I made a drop test. In order to increase analysis time, I added an initial velocity to the object. but the energy is same. The question is that the energy is not match with output energy.why?
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