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  1. Hi all, Activate 2017.2 shows that it requires a Visual c++ compiler in spite of installing of the visual studio 2015. Kindly inform the solution of the same.
  2. Hi , How to divide the applied load into to number of steps in Optistruct Implicit Non linear analysis? & How to check the stress for the corresponding load step? Regards, Arul
  3. Can you explain the type of problem/analysis in detail?
  4. Hi, Refer the following post and it may be helpful
  5. Hi, Refer the following link or Optistruct User Guide https://altairhyperworks.com/hwhelp/Altair/2017/help/os/topics/solvers/materials_os_r.htm Regards, Arul
  6. Hi Rahul, I am also facing the same issue and updated your suggestions such as PARAM,LGDISP,1 & N CUT Options But didn't get resolved. Regards, Arul
  7. Hi, I am facing the following error while running nonlinear implicit analysis in Optistruct and run got terminated. How to sort out this? Regards, Arul
  8. Hi, Refer this tutorial in Optistruct OS-T: 1390 Pretensioned Bolt Analysis of an IC Engine Cylinder Head, Gasket and Engine Block System
  9. Hi Ivan, Not able to generate the .spcf file. Could you share any deck file regarding SPC Force calculation and output request?
  10. Thanks. How to look in the hyper graph ??
  11. Hi all, How to calculate how much force required as a final output in the implicit nonlinear analysis (Optistruct)?
  12. Hi Elangovan, Can you share the .fem file ? Regards, Arul
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