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  1. HiI have been trying to do a sizing optimization of shell model consisting of gap elements with buckling as a constraint.Optimization works well for models with tight displacement constraint (0.03 & 0.06), but if I increase the value to 0.09, I am getting an Internal programming error when buckling occurs for the first time.I am having trouble figuring out what causes the error. Can someone help me with this ?I have attached the fem and output file.Thank youVignesh Dakshnamoorthy Trial3.fem Trial3.out
  2. Hi Kpavan, Thank you for the video. Do you get the result .h3d format which we can open using HyperView ? Vignesh Dakshnamoorthy
  3. Hi I am having trouble working with tutorial "HF-3010: Simple Draw Forming". I am getting an error in boundary condition definition and warnings that certain node groups are empty. I am unsure how to rectify it. Can someone help me ? I can provide the files too. Thanks Vignesh Dakshnamoorthy
  4. Hi Prakash, Thank you for the response. I will work on it and get back to you if I face any trouble. Vignesh Dakshnamoorthy
  5. Hi Prakash, I am trying to do a topology optimization for my part and the main goal is to reduce its weight at the same time support the loads. Correct me if I am wrong. For increasing/maintaining the strength, I am giving min weighted compliance as an objective function and the yield stress of the material as a stress constraint. OR For reducing its weight, if I give min Volume fraction as objective function and the yield stress as stress constraint. Which one is correct ? Also, i couldn't find the above screenshot in the optistruct help. Can you direct me to it ? Thank you Vignesh
  6. Hi I am trying to optimize a part for which I have to reduce its weight and maintain its strength at the same time. What responses and constraints am I supposed to give ? And based on what grounds should I decide this ?
  7. Hi I have a hollow cylinder and I need to create a load at an inclined angle of 45 degrees acting at the center of the cylinder. How do I do this ?
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