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  1. Hello, I am investigating the design of a simple wheel rim, I see that when radial symmetry is applied, planar symmetry cannot be simultaneously applied. When a different symmetry is applied, the other one is lost. It's either one or the other. That seems strange as I want the inner and outer sides of the rim to be symmetrical as well as the radial symmetry... because it's not for a car or something complicated, it's just a basic wheel. Is that right?
  2. Further to my previous post, with other programs, I tend to do a very quick 'preview' run using extremely low quality settings, and then modify some parameters to get a quicker run next time. Right now, it's very hard for me to do that with inspire, because I am not getting enough constant visual feedback... Is there a way to show even quicker, but less accurate results? For example where the reinforcing ribs are likely to appear but not how thick they will be? So that I can see roughly which areas on a model I will need to work on?
  3. I see that you can select different target percentages for the design space before an optimisation run begins. I also see that you can select different target percentages for the design space after the run is completed. Does selecting the percentage before or after the topology optimisation change the results significantly? What I am asking is, does it matter when I select the design space target percentage?
  4. Hello, I have noticed that whenever I start an optimisation run with Inspire, the progress bar always jumps straight to "5% completed". Then, after maybe 10 or 30 minutes it almost always goes straight to "58% completed". And then it goes on to either finish the run (or show an error). The trouble with is that I am not getting a reliable indication of the amount of time that a run will likely take. Right now it's very hard for me to know if a run is going to take 1 hour or 1 day (or 1 week– in which case I would definitely alter my parameters to speed up the optimisation). I would like to see the progress bar updated preferably at least once a minute or something. Even once every 5 minutes would be nice! Right now, I have to wait too long to see how things are taking for each run and I am wasting a lot of computer/CPU time (because some runs are taking way longer than 60 minutes). I'd like to be able to abandon a run if they look like they are going to take way more than 2 to 4 hours say. The reason is that I just have one work computer (at home). It is reasonable and has 4.0GHz CPU with 32Gb RAM. But this is my only desktop computer so I need to know roughly how long things are going to take. That way, I can begin my runs before my lunch, or at night... Of course, what I would really like to see is a real-time visual indication of where on the model the solver is working. So again, that way I can see if the run is likely to be successful or not. For example, I know it is a completely different (mostly 2D) program, but Adobe after effects videos show each frame it is working on during the rendering stage. Some quick 'preview' runs can take as little as 5 minutes. Some runs can take 3 hours. And some runs can take 9 hours! It's very nice to see what the computer is working on. That way I can see if it has stalled or if the time will be too long for me. Yes I would rather lose 5% of my run time/speed to be able to see what is going on with the model and where.It's also nice to know so that I can see how I can speed up my runs and what gives me faster results. Hope this helps you come up with a better product. Thanks, Leslie
  5. Hello, I am enrolled at Martin College. This is a small tertiary college in the heart of Sydney with only about 150 students per semester. The Australian government certainly recognises it as an approved institution for studying (mainly business and design) and I am a full time mature age student there. Anyway, that is the official email address I have been given for the duration of the diploma. As far as I know, the only way to get an email address such as leslie.brown@martin.edu.au (like maybe you are expecting) is to become a lecturer. In my original application for student status, I also included my enrollment letter... I can resend that if required? I don't know about in Holland/USA, but in my country, there is little distinction between colleges and universities. Students are entitled to the same travel discounts and other benefits or allowances. The only real difference is that universities are seen as more 'prestigious'. Although the cost of attending both is usually about the same (if not more for a private college).
  6. Hello, I too thought I would get my license activated within 24hrs. I have waited 5 business days now and I still have not received any license file confirmation... Could you please see to this asap? Thanks very much,
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