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  1. Hello Everyone, found a simple way to find attached nodes with this can easily find the find attached nodes
  2. Hello everyone, I am still working on above mentioned script. I am stuck at following point Now I can get node numbers, I have two node numbers, how do I measure distance between two nodes. (I am working with poIPost AddMeasure not able to figure out how it works) does anybody have any reference example for same? have created following codes please review I want distance between nodes 519626 and 519457
  3. you did not get my question correctly, I might have mislead you somewhere. I do not want entire NodeList2, I need only nodes which are attched to NodeList1. In fact to go in more details, I need to process entire NodeList1. Suppose my element id is x corresponding to this id x I will find attached nodes (suppose for hex element, nodes =8) node ids [1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 ] Now for each node from above set I need to find attached node from adjacent element and find distance from it For node id 1 (first node from list), need to find attached nodes and find distance between node id 1 and all attached nodes
  4. I can take element id (primary element) find adjacent as tinh suggested, and find nodes attached to them. however I need nodes from adjacent element only attached to primary element given in first step, how would I filter other nodes?
  5. If direct command not available, need to built one. I am not able to come up with logic to get find attached, nothing seem conman any body have any suggestion on logic?
  6. Hello everyone, I will give a element id. I want to find the nodes attached to this element and also nodes attached to nodes found in previous step In hyperview and probe results to all these nodes. which command I can use for find attached in hyperview Thank you
  7. Can we get a number of how many nodes created by my previous operation? (I want to use that number and decide next operation) OR I am able to get temp nodes out of my previous operation. I have temp node and other nodes. Can I count temp nodes on display? (one way to do it I can maskall and count displayed, However, I want to give user visualization of nodes created with respect to displayed component) So any way around it? Thank you
  8. Thank you Prakash It works as you have explained however in HM14. I guess hm 12 is not having these options available. Thank you again
  9. Thank you Prakash I also figured the same and tried on it. Thank you again
  10. Thank you Prakash I also able figure it out. Infact I need to create a relative displacement in radial direction between two ends of spring. So used two responses and defined RSS (Square of sums ) and defined a-b between those two. Thank you again
  11. Hello Everyone, I am trying to do thermo structural analysis in optistruct. later I have to continue optimisation on structural analysis. Basically thermal expansions are only load for my optimization problem. I faced following difficulties and trying to resolve them, 1. thermo structural analysis in optistruct- ---- I have referred all tutorial and discussion available a I did find any direct method to read temperature from my thermal analysis and apply it as load in structural analysis. I have pipe carrying hot fluid and I have convection heat loss so direct TEMP use in static is not possible for me and off course I have referred Coupled Linear Heat Transfer/Structure Analysis , however problem is I need to use structural subcase id as reference to my optimization so I cant use CASE_UNSUPPORTED_CARDS control card. 2. How to request temperature output in static analysis---- some how if I am able to run structural run with TEMP in static analysis, I will have to compare my temperature contour. So how can I request thermal output in static analysis results. (already have tried loadstep--> edit-->OUTPUT-->THERMAL. didnt work) 3. How can I use DRESP2 in optimization, already have found one discussion on same but corresponding tut link is expired. Basically I want to use relative displacement in my optimization as constraint. Thank you
  12. I also have same issue want to have optimization based on relative displacement Can you explain me how did you do it using DRESP2?
  13. I looked into it but, It is helpful but I am not able to find help for particular ::hwtk::inputdialog this command. For my future reference can you provide me with help for ::hwtk:: these commands? I want help for ::hw::post::custom::GetNodalContourValue this command also and related commands. Thank you
  14. Hello Tinh, Create mark or query nodal contour values, options not available in Hyperview? Because inputting nodal id will not save much of time as user as to query nodal id each time. Is there any other way around? Thank you
  15. Hello Everyone, In most cases for sheet metal weld location we wont maintain weld splits in shell meshing. Most of the time we need stress at weld toe. We obtain toe stress by interpolating result between two nodes. So I am trying to create a script in which just by selecting the 2 nodes and inputting the distance of interpolation it should show the result at distance. I have already prepared script for linear interpolation between two values. 1. So I want user to select two nodes on screen then in background script should save node contour value and zero distance for first node (x1,y1). 2.then when second node is selected it should save the nodal contour value for second node and distance from first node (x2,y2). 3. then user will input distance of interpolation (x3) 4.linear interpolation is done and (y3) will be calculated 4th step is ready with me. How to get 1 , 2 and 3rd step to be done in hyperview?
  16. Hello tinh, I checked help documents, didnt find much on ::hwtk::inputdialog Do you have any help or example file for the same? Thank you Sagar Desai
  17. Hello tinh, Didnt found hm_detecthole command. But I know about hm_ce_gethmholes it gives center hole location but wont provide any info on axis Thank you
  18. Hello , Good Morning everyone I am trying to prepare a script which will 1.go through geometry detect all holes 2. detect for co linear holes 2 or more, note center nodes 3. create a spider with hole and center node and beam between two hole center Right now I am able to achieve 1st and 3rd step but not able resolve second step Any one have any suggestion for this? Thank you
  19. Hello, Good Morning everyone I want to use the equivalent of following command in my hyoerview script. I tried using as it is but it is giving error. hm_getint, hm_getfloat & hm_getstring I just want input from user, rights now runing with gets command and requesting from command prompt. I want to make it more user friendly. Thank you
  20. Thank you everyone for reply I was looking for some advance level of problems apart from HM help like pretension definition, thero-structural. I wanted some reference macros for study purpose. I am using abaqus reference guide now as help Thanks again
  21. I have tried those tutorials and are very helpful. But, I want to generate model (node sets , element sets) in HM and then generate a text pad macro for abaqus. Any tut available from this perspective?
  22. Hello everyone I am trying to setup abaqus model from hypermsh. I am new to abaqus solver. I already have reffered help from altair on the same. Any other help available on this topic please provide with link. Thank you
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