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  1. Can I get an animation of the airflow of the simulation solution somehow in Hyperworks. If yes, in what software and how to learn it? When is the next VWT update going to roll out? What features can I expect in it? Optimization?
  2. How can I know the accuracy of my predictions or the range of error that my co-efficients of lift and drag?
  3. See the intersections on the LHS. When I drew a required circle on a wheel and excluded the 2 surfs which mated then still I got some intersections which I don't know how to resolve. Kindly help me!
  4. Nope, I guess it's a hypermesh problem. How can I exclude the mated surfaces and remove the so called-intersections in the 2D mesh created?
  5. I use VWT which uses AcuSolve as solver and I run Steady State analysis with a course meshing status.
  6. When I mesh the assembly file of my car, that is, 4 wheels and the body part, mesh is created at both the surfaces where the parts are mated and so the mesh shows intersections. I tried removing the 2 mated surfaces when I mesh them with QI but that did not help with the simulations since intersections do not eliminate. What can I do? I then simulated the car with creating a single part with the wheels being extruded cylinder and performed my sims without rotating wheels.
  7. Oh yes. Sorry Y-digit. I found the errors. After I corrected the intersections, free edges arose. Trying to solve them!
  8. It still shows mesh_intersections dat and nas files. All things are great! What's the error here? D_0_250.hm
  9. There were intersections. Cured them. What is this msg? Purged 252 lines. Current limit of 100 exceeded.
  10. My mesh of the car didn't have min angle>5degree. No duplicates, free edges, penetrations and fully connected but my mesh is not running in VWT. So how do I run them. Very less number of elements are less than 5 degree so it's okay if I get very small errors, it would be very small. But it won't run. So is less than 5 degree a compulsion?
  11. Why do you deny using a mesh with small element size? Won't a finer mesh give me better results? I just have a doubt about the length criteria. Why such a limit on smallest length?
  12. Great! Understood! Thank you very much!
  13. In the introductory video for VWT , it was specified that even if the mesh quality is bad enough still VWT gives quite a reliable solution for the model we are trying to simulate. But it won't be absolute I want to ask that which parameters in the quality check of mesh do we have to take care of to get the best simulations of a race car(identical to real life)? Of these mentioned below in the image file
  14. But then won't it make a difference in the real and VWT simulations because if we use a smaller scale model, then we need to change pressures and temperature inside an actual wind tunnel to make the simulations identical to real life. I can let the simulations run for 4-6 hours. I'm using the coarse mesh. So would that be okay with the current dimensions? Okay, I'll use tria and I'm too using VWT 13.1. Could you send me the nas file?
  15. Geometry is 2.5m long. Here's the hm file. Nastran's too big to upload. Everything was fine whatever you said above. When I ran the simulations, it showed nothing is there in the tunnel. Is there a generate kind of feature in VWT? Meanwhile here's the hm file , do export it in nas and check yourself. nas file is too big to upload 2S_11.hm
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