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  1. I never got a reply, but eventually my lecturer helped me and found the problem: ' The properties were not assiged correctly. I assigned them by clicking on the component-> assign-> and then chose the property. The right way would be the other way around. So right click on the property->assig-> and then choose the components. Didn´t know that the way they were assigned matters, but clearly it does. br mechengstud
  2. Hello, i've modelled a frame with beam elements, beam sections were set with hyperbeam and attached to the right properties. The properties are added to the right components. Now i have noticed, that in one of my two loadsteps (both static, both with only one force and a few constraints) the displacement won't change, if i change the beam sections affected by the load. The other loadstep is affected by a change of loaded beam sections. Can't figure out my mistake, analysis runs fine without errors. Is there something i'm missing? BR mechengstud
  3. That was the solution to the problem, thank you! Is there a way to hide these temporary nodes while applying loads and constrains so that i can't select them?
  4. Hello everyone, i'm modelling a frame with bar2-elements and i am very new to hyperworks and also to bar/beam-elements. The problem i got, is that optistruct gives me a warning 1955 (Static Loadcase 1 has zero static force vector). A loadcase is defined, a force is defined with the right magnitude! I think i modelled the bar2-elements the wrong way (connectivity at the nodes), here is what i did, please tell me if any of these steps are wrong: 1. Creation of nodes at the positions where frame parts meet. 2. Connecting the nodes with lines 3. linemesh those lines I think the problem might be that there was no definition on how two connected parts of the frame behave to each other and that some sort of dof-coupling at the nodes created in step 1 should be done. So how can i couple the dofs of two elements meeting at a defined node? Or is something else the problem? Best regards! mechengstud
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