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  1. Hi, I want to do thermal analysis of an axial flux motor using Optistruct and coil has anisotropic material property (which is continuously changing direction) as shown in image. Material modeled using MAT5. As we can see the direction is changing continuously. So material can not be modeled in global system. We can model it as local system (if works) but that will also require too much manual work (as there are aproximate 200 coils). So there is one option to apply material in elemental system, but problem is that the element system becomes non uniform throughout the coil after meshing. We need help to create mesh of the coil so that the elemental system in longitudinal and transverse direction remains same. If there is any other way to model the coil with anisotropic material (with thermal conductivity as shown in image); please let us know the same.
  2. apply mass using 1D>masses (no property required, just create a component and use element type CONM2). (Use element size small so that minimum 5 element along the width of every section)
  3. You can easily delete these protrusion using mask and delete tools (Delete the surface also on which protrusion are); then create surface using ruled (geometry>surface>Ruled). It will be the quickest way to simplify.
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