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  1. Hello Rahul, Am not sure which software screenshot you are asking for. because as i told you, we are using .rad files and .mod files to execute the jobs using qsub command. We are not using any software as such, like you have shown in the screenshot above. Regards, Shary
  2. Thanks Rahul for your prompt reply We are using .rad files for the computation. And i cannot share the output files with you as of now. Could you please provide some clue by looking at the exit code 139 and Segmentation fault error. Like what could be the possible reason for the failure. Thanks
  3. All the Radioss Jobs (Running on 1 Node with 8 CPUs) are getting terminated with final status as “failed”. Content of Error File : /var/spool/PBS/mom_priv/jobs/29151.mgt.SC: line 165: 12748 Segmentation fault $starter_exe -np $cpus_np -nt $threads_nt -i $file_input Exit Status Code in Output File : FATAL:Starter error or errors detected in output file.Exited with status 139. what could be the reason for the failure of the Jobs.
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