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  1. Hi please help me to do uniaxial compression test of solid cylinder( Pure Copper ) in optistruct environment how the load conditions would be applied and how the stress-strain curve could be generated ? sample size Dia of cylinder- 30mm, height of cylinder-20mm pls help step by step process or tutorial. thanks
  2. Yes Prakash i have Mechanical Properties i am facing problem while generating the curvs in HyperGraph 2D. can you help me, how to import experimental data in hypermesh/Hypergraph for simulaton purpose ? thanks!
  3. I have done the compression test in UTM (with different strain rate) of cylindrical component and got the values of True Stress and True Strain and i want to import this data in to Hypermesh/ HyperGraph for simulation purpose. pls help
  4. Hi I want to do compression test of an composite material specimen (Solid cylinder diameter- 20mm, height 30mm) with specific composition as(weight percentage -Al-0.36, Zn 7.0, Mg 1.2, Cu 1.3, Zr 0.08, Fe 0.08, Si 0.06) Please tell me the procedure to create composite material and its compression test. (Material initally formed by powder mrtallurgy) Thanks.
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