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  1. Hi Prakash, First thanks you for haved taking time to answer me! I really, really apreciate! I went to your link on the forum, but there is no explaination, and the link in this topic are dead ...We cannot click on the link , and see something about the problem explain.... However, i make some test since the first post, naturally u were right we can't extract U=f(F) with "SIZE" method ^_^. So, what i ve done is to create multiple loadcollector (for exemple : load collector N°1: Force=5N, load collector N°2: Force=10N, load collector N°3: Force=15N, .....) and post process the results on displacements with hyper view. I created subcase ( CNTNLSUB card). This method works but i think Hypermesh can do better maybe using hyperstudy ? Have u got an idea to make this kind of study: populate automatically the effort on predefined range ( for exemple [5 N to 15N by step of 1N]? Because my methode could be relative cost time depended if i have to populate 50 loads collectors !! In additionnal, could u explain me how to create a graph with X axis the effort "F" (corresponding to subcase in my methode) and on Y axis the maximum displacement (simple to call this result in hyperview or hypergraph)? I didn't found how to insert "subcase effort" for the X axis Thanks you, Kodebar
  2. Hi all, As i wrote on the title, i would like optistruct find me the value of the force for a certain displacement. For example, I a have a cantilever beam (let's says: 3D solid, hexa) and the maximum deflection I would like is:10mm. I would like to make a optimization analysis (i think its a size optimisation) which optistruct found the force from a range (says: [0N to 1000N]) corresponding to 10 mm of deflection. Is it the right type of optimization ( SIZE one) if yes could u tel me how to make that ? i will be really apreciate I set up it like that: Objectif: "find value of force corresponding to 10mm of displacement" Constraint: u=10mm design variable: Force range from [0N to 1000N] Thanks by advance, Kodebar
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