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  1. Thanks for your reply. Actually I create the slave entity set as a MBDSRF, like said in the Bulk Data Entry of a MBCNTDS (for the SRFID of it). I attach the .fem file. Regards cyl_on_block.fem
  2. Can a mod/admin please delete this topic. I don't know how, but i managed to create it twice.
  3. Sorry, managed to create a topic twice
  4. Hi there, I'd like to set up a test simulation, where the green cylinder moves with a certain speed down (-Y) on the blue block. I can't find the right way to set up the contact between the two bodies. In my case they don't get in contact an any time, the cylinder just fall through the block, although the cylinder should force the block to a deformation and don't move further. Can somebody please tell me the right cards for concact type and entity set types (master and slave)?? MY SET UP at the moment: PFBODY: cylinder, block with nmodes=10, Craig-Bampton Ground: some nodes (for the 4 FIX an the one TRANS joint) Concact: interfaces panel type: MBCNTDS master set: outer grid nodes of the cylinder as SET_GRID card image slave set: block top nodes as MBDSRF card image My goal in this test is a topology optimization of the blue block.
  5. Hi, I upload the file as pdf. But if you really prefer all of the 1200 lines in here. I can do this =) Thanks Regards os_2098_error.pdf
  6. Hi, here are all parts where i can find "error". I also change the document type in my first post to a .txt file. ... Time=1.000E+00; Order=1; H=6.568E-13 [Max Phi=1.978E-11] Time=1.000E+00; Order=1; H=1.984E-12 [Max Phi=2.583E-11] Time=1.000E+00; Order=1; H=7.583E-13 [Max Phi=3.173E-11] Time=1.000E+00; Order=1; H=9.607E-13 [Max Phi=3.801E-11] WARNING: Simulation terminated because stepsize has diminished consistently belo ERROR: At time=1.000E+00 the integrator failed to proceed. ----------- Possible Causes ---------------------------------------------------- (1) The integration has become unstable. Tighten (decrease) integr_tol, h_max, or both in Param_Transient can help stabilize the integration. If the simulation contains distinctive phases, use multiple Simulate, each with its own proper integrator parameter setting, to selectively tighten the tolerance during the period where instability is encountered. (2) If the simulation was terminated because stepsize has diminished consistentl below h_min, reduce h_min in Param_Transient to force integration to continue. (3) Non-physical inertia properties, such as mass=100 Kg and Ixx=Iyy=Izz=1 Kg*mm or extremely small inertia on a part with an unconstrained degree of freedom. Make sure the modeling data, in particular the part inertia and the gravity, are specified in proper units consistent with the units given in Param_Unit element. (4) Beam, flexible body goes out of linear range, bushing has large rotation alo more than one axis, curve goes out of its interpolation range, higher-pair joint goes out of the range of U or V, etc. Make sure fundamental modeling assumptions such as rigid contact assumption used in Force_Contact, are not violated. (5) Motion displacement defined using LINSPL, AKISPL in dynamic analysis, or as function of model states (DX, VX etc), as well as forces defined as a function o other forces, can cause hard convergence and integrator failure. Avoid these modeling practices wherever possible. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- .... ERROR: Error encountered in analysis! Forced termination from API_SendOffCommandSimulate! Error: MBD analysis failed. This error occurs in module "mbddrv". ************************************************************************ FEASIBLE DESIGN (ALL CONSTRAINTS SATISFIED). Delete bootstrap file xxx/excavator_MBD_Topology.OS_dumpfile_scr.bin ************************************************************************ ... *** PROGRAM STOPPED: FATAL ERROR(s) ENCOUNTERED. ***** END OF REPORT ***** For Useful OptiStruct Tips and Tricks, go to the URL: http://www.altairhyperworks.com/tips.aspx ************************************************************************ A fatal error has been detected during input processing: FEASIBLE DESIGN (ALL CONSTRAINTS SATISFIED). ************************************************************************
  7. Hello, I am trying to run the Optistruct Tutorial OS 2098 with the MBD excavator arm. The analysis works fine, but optimization unfortunately not. Doing everything like in the tutorial, I get errors you can see in the attached output file. Decreasing h_min in the Load_Collector doesn't help. Like it is recommended in line 1062 in the output. But if i decrease h_min to 1e-14, Iteration 0 is running for hours now. So this could not be the right way to solve the tutorial i guess. Is this the only big error? Or are there others I can solve? Would be great to get this tutorial running, because my goal in optistruct is to optimize one part in a MBD, too. Thanks in Advance! os_2098_error.txt
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