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  1. Hi Prakash, tnx for the answer. I've produced the .gpf file and there are the Grid point forces for node # listed. The values of one node can be seen below. There are The XYZ-forces and -moments. But what are the values "Appl., F-MPC, BAR and Total"? Why is the total value that small? Can you give me some explanation regarding the below listed values? Best regards Wiko
  2. Hi, I'm currently analyzing a truss (3D) which is modeled with CBEAML-elements. The model is made out of lines and the lines where meshed via "line mesh". What I do need are the forces acting on the "knots" where the Beams are connected together. I've activated in the output card already "GPFORCE"&""GPSTRESS" but the results in HyperView are not satisfactory... In the post processing are the results "Grid Point Forces (s)" & "Grid Point Forces (Elements)" available. "Grip Point Forces (s)" - results (Total FX for example) show very low forces (3.3*E-10) and "Grid Point Forces (Elements)" doesn't provide any results.... Can some one please give some hints for solving such a problem? I need only the nodal forces (as shown in the figure below; point E for example) of the connections so I can design mounting brackets for the truss assembly Best regards
  3. Hello Jaideep, one last thing. In aviation, there are the flight maneuver loads in up-, down-, fwd-, back- and side-direction (x,y,z). Let’s assume that the loads in up- and down-direction are just two loads with the same magnitude but in the opposite directions (force_up=150N in y-direction and force_down=N in negative y-direction). How can I get a result in topology optimization with both load cases considered for the optimized shape? In my calculations, I always get an empty design space which looks like the load cases cancel each other out. Regards
  4. Hi Jaideep, I've installed inspire 2017 yesterday in the company and I'm currently working on my workstation there. I'll send you a pm. Tnx! Best regards
  5. Hi guys, since I need a quick concept structure, I've decided to do the analysis and optimization with inspire. Well, i do have a small solid which is loaded by a simple force and supported (don't evaluate the support, it's like "anything" for the test run). I have created a design space and the forces and supports are located on "non-design" parts. Every time I try to do a topology optimization, it fails and the following message pops up: "Optimization Error 157". The parts from the tutorials do work... I need an urgent help and thank you in advance for your answers You will find the file in sthe attachment Arm.stmod
  6. Oh, I get it Thanks! Well does that mean that I have to build up the interface laminate according to the element normal? Like ply8 on the bottom and ply 4 as the second ply?
  7. Hi Prakash, thank you for the presentation. I tried to realize the sample with a T-beam. The lay-up can be compared to the example, which can be found in the HW-Help (XXXX/Altair/13.0/help/hwsolvers/stack.htm?zoom_highlightsub=ply example 2). I have attached the .fem-file of my model and a short summary of the lay-up. Actually, I have 4 sublaminates and an interfacelaminate to "bond" all sublaminates together. I have assigned PCOMPP-property to all mesh-elements. After modeling, I have started a short analysis of the beam but the following error-msg appeared: Can you give me a feedback with hints to solve this problem? Another question is, does the geometry have to be "connected together" for modeling a laminate with sublaminates? Best regards Wiko T-Beam.fem T-Beam_summary.pdf
  8. Hi guys, do you have any ideas how to model an assembly with multiple composite components? As shown here http://www.rowlandcarson.org.uk/aviation/europa_435/_images/dscn1733.jpg I want to model ribs which are bonded to a specific surface. Do I have to do that with sub-laminates? Are there any tutorials for sub-laminate modeling? I am using HW13.0 Thank you in advance.
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