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  1. The design zone of your model has not meshed。
  2. Hi, It can be clearly seen from the formula, The error should be negative. Ideally, the error should be at most -15% and better to have -5%. The closer to 0% error the better. Any positive energy error means energy has been created which indicates a model issue. An error of 1 or 2% will be acceptable.
  3. Hi, You can try the MMO (multi-model topology optimization) method.
  4. There are many basic errors in your model. For example: 1、 the mesh quality is too bad 2、 BCS were placed in the EIGRL loadcllector The following attachment is a model that can be calculated. tank200L_correcteted_done.fem
  5. You should to switch the SPC to ASET card The rigids element needs to be switched to rbe2 CONROD_Altair_Dis_ABAQUS.fem
  6. The mats1 card is used in the nonlinear subcase. But the loadstep of your model is “linear static” ,you should change it to "nlstat".
  7. hi @Mrt try to use "node to surface"
  8. Hi @Prakash Pagadala I have already sent the model to you, thanks !
  9. Model description: A set of gears Load:Torque Non-linear analysis conditions (NLSTAT) There have contact between the gears (Slide) Problem Description: The ideal result should be that the largest stress is at the root of the tooth, but the analysis result is that the largest stress is at one point of the tooth surface. This maybe stress concentration. Is it a model problem? Or, if not, how to solve the stress concentration problem caused by this analysis. When I look at the results at different times, stress is still relatively uniform even at t=0.9, but stress concentration occurs at t=1.0. Is the load equally divided? The following pictures show the stress results On the left is t=0.9. On the right is t=1.0.
  10. @ Prakash Pagadala Hi, Thank you for your reply. But,I am sorry that the model is confidential.
  11. @ Prakash Pagadala Hi, It really worked, I got the results of the analysis. But, what causes this? softwear bug? thank you very much !
  12. hi @ Prakash Pagadala It does'nt work . The erro still exists.
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