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  1. The reason i'm asking is i'm trying to create a script that automatically applies a load/constraint to a certain node after hypermesh has meshed the model without having to manually click on the node i want to apply the force/SPC to.
  2. Here you go. That's the script i'm trying to get work. thanks. TCL script for optimization.docx
  3. is there a reason why, when i run optimization via the script in the command file, the hyperworks solver view doesn't pop up? The solver view only shows up when i manually click on run options> OptiStruct
  4. duanetran


    How does hyper mesh define it's node ids? also, is there a way to define the nodes by coordinates? I need to reference the node # in the script i'm writing and would like to be able to determine the node ID without having to look it up.
  5. I've attached screenshots of hyper mesh. I have installed the hyper works desktop and solver. When i open hyper mesh, the graphics do not display, yet the model has all the properties. When i click either analysis, check, or optimization, it presents me with a blank solver view that says "job complete" but the program has not run anything. What is going on?
  6. Any reason for the error in the bottom right that says "the file being opened for reading does not exist"? I've ran the files before successfully, until recently i've gotten this error, which leads to a blank viewer. Any help please. pent.shell.100.xdir.hm
  7. what responses are compatible with FRF Optimization?
  8. If you are looking to apply an excitation at the base, you must use load type of SPCD instead of DAREA. if you chance your card to SPCD, it will(should) be correct.
  9. I am allowing the entire model to be a designable region.
  10. I'm trying to optimize a "building". SPCD are applied as an acceleration at the base of the structure. Responses: volumefrac frf displacement - dof1 @ top of structure @ 3.2Hz dconstraint displacement constraint - 0.015 (analysis shows displacement = 0.01752 @ 3.2Hz objective min (volumefrac) optimization the optimized shape does not look right. by eliminating the element densities, the entire model disappears. I'm not sure if i am doing something wrong? Vol_Obj Template_des.h3d Vol_Obj Template.fem Vol_Obj Template.hm Volume OBjective.docx
  11. does SPCD (if used for acceleration) define excitation as well?
  12. For TableD1 units, TableD1 used in transient analysis, the units are as follows: x axis - seconds (s) y - axis - acceleration (mm/s) TableD1 used in frequency analysis, the units are as follows: x - axis - Frequency (Hz) y - axis - Magnitude (dB) is this correct?
  13. Prakash, Optistruct uses SIMP method for optimization. SIMP method generally can be used paired with Transient Response. That leaves me assume that transient response optimization is physically possible, but is not supported in Optistruct. Is that because of a problem with the algorithm or that transient response is simply omitted from optimization?
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