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  1. Hi, thanks for your reply. I hoped this would solve the problem. But no matter how high or low I set the tolerance (0.0001 to 10) and no matter how I select the nodes (either by geometry and selected line or by just clicking on them), there's always just one or two nodes that are re-associated and for the others it says 'unchanged (... of which already on=...). Can you think of a cause for this problem?
  2. Hello, I encountered the following problem: after creating a 2D surface mesh on all surfaces of a solid I used tetramesh. Afterwards I reorganized the meshes so that the tetramesh belonged to the component of the original geometry and the 2D mesh was deleted. When trying to apply a line load onto the new tetramesh the following error occured: Lines are not attached to edge elements. I also tried to select the nodes by geometry and selected the desired line but my selection of nodes was not accepted. On the previous 2D mesh the line load worked fine. Do I have to actively attach the new tetramesh to the geometry or do so while creating the tetramesh? Or am I doing anything wrong when creating the tetramesh, so that the lines for line load wouldn't be accepted? Thanks in advance
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