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  1. These 2 mouse clicks is the answer i am looking for this whole week Analysis completed and result superb Thanks @Prakash Pagadala
  2. Below is the FATDEF card May i know which parameter should i enter Thanks in advance
  3. Dear @Prakash Pagadala Thanks for your feedback Will try to understand that parameter FYI I undergo training somewhere in 2013/2014 Cant remember HW version Maybe 14 or much lower But I do remember that I didn't train using this parameter Its noted in my notebook to just use the fatigue Process Manager (FPM) Anyway many thanks for your kind assistant
  4. @Prakash Pagadala Thanks for your feedback May i know what is PFAT? I have been trained to use the Fatigue Process Manager to perform the fatigue analysis Just fill in the neccessary information and run Is the PFAT is a new feature I cant recall PFAT or FATDEF in HW14 Thanks in advance
  5. hi guys I'm having a similar issue with my Fatigue Analysis Request your assistant to check my setup I have 2 problem 1. Is my Loading Information is correct? Basically, I wanted to test 1 million cycles of alternating 823N force Have i defined it correctly 2. I try to run it and end up error #6971 as in the picture. I don't have any clue where my mistakes are. Attached is the snapshots and my HM file Kindly assist Many thanks in advance ArmBrakePedalD63D.hm
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