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  1. Hi I'm sorry for uploading this post. Do you have a clue about this ? (three years later ^^) I am interesting in the use of this. Thanks by advance. Alex
  2. Hi I'm relauching this topic again to add some details about "how to run multi jobs in batch with Radioss". This might be helpful for you. I also have one quesiton. In order to run multiple Jobs in batch with Radioss, the commande CALL should be written before each command lines "C:\ ..." My question is : Does anybody knows what command to use in order to check available licences. Thus waiting for available licences to run the jobs. Thank you very much in advance. Alex
  3. Hi Here are the output files, I had to use Hvtrans to create the h3d files. However, I'm not able to combine all my results files, so I cannot see in Hyperview the complete results (both the coarse and fine meshes). Regards Alexandre coarse_mesh_0001.out fine_mesh_0001.out rad2rad.out coarse_mesh_0000.out fine_mesh_0000.out
  4. I have added the spring but the problem is still remaining. cantilever.hm
  5. Hi I'm facing the same problem. I have a lot of A0# files, but no h3d files. I'm doing the RD-3160: Setting up Multidomain Analysis using HyperCrash tutorial for Radioss. It's not the first time where I get no errors in the output file but I don't get any h3d file neither. Thank you
  6. Hi, Of course, here is the .hm file with the error in Model Checker. cantilever.hm
  7. Hello everybody I am a new user of Hyperworks softwares. I'm doing the tutorials of hypermesh and radioss. I am encountering a problem with the tutorial RD-3510: Cantilever Beam with Bolt Pretension. I get the following error in Tool > Model Checker > Radioss Block "Rbody ID is different from master ID" I don't understand this error and I don't know how to solve it. I have just attentively followed the tutorial. Moreover I tried to run Radioss, keeping the error. The job is completed but I don't get any hyperview file. How can I deal to get an Hyperview file please ? Thank you
  8. Hi Thank you for the help Regards Alexandre
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