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  1. Hi frnds ,


       HI i  am beginner to hm , so can anyone explain me how to extract mid-surface for plastic ? as we know that automatic mid-surface will not work all the time , so plz guide me how you people work in corporate level to extract mid-surface in such scenario . explain me different methods of extracting mid-surface in critical situation .

     thanks in advance 




  2. HI everyone ,


       I am beginner for HM , i haven't worked on any projects using hm . i just know the tool tats it but i want to work on crash analysis . So could anybody tell me how to perform meshing for crash analysis models and guidelines of Meshing for crash analysis .


     Please send me notes, pdf or anything which is related to Meshing for crash analysis .


    Thanks and Regards

    Rakesh Patil 


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