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  1. So I have found some solution of the problem. If we want got matched meshes of two bodies if one of them with boundary layers we have to: - merge the bodies (no common surfs: no yellow surf or edges, only green one) - extract faces from the 1st body - copy elements from meshed surf to the surf of the 2nd body - associate nodes of copied elements to the surf - mesh rest of the surfs of the 2nd body - use copied elements as "fixed w/o BL" for CFD tetra. Regards.
  2. Rahul, thanks a lot for your answers. Obviously I'm doing something wrong. I have sent you example model. I hope you'll explain what I'm doing wrong. Thank you again.
  3. Can someone give recommendations for match meshing of T-connected surfaces? I wanna mesh parted solid: - solid parts connected by Boolean (common surf is yellow); - 1st part 3d meshed - faces extracted to the common surf - nodes associated to the common surf - when I try to mesh surf of the 2nd body mesh not feels nodes on the edge of the common surf
  4. OK. Lets forget about reflection. Sometimes mesh not feels nodes associated to edge/surf. How can I fix it?
  5. After mesh reflection I associate new nodes with solid. And it seems to be OK. But what's problem with original one? Look picture. I make reflect for 2 3d meshes. For smaller one all right but for another one mesh connection fails. What a difference?
  6. Thanks Rahul. All solids are connected well by Boolean operations and have "yellow" surfaces inside. All T-connection edges are "yellow" too. Trouble with mesh looks like that:
  7. Hi there! Would someone please explain me one thing? I have a complex solid model. I split it on parts. Each of parts have own plane of symmetry. So I split each one to mesh just half (quarter). Then after surface mesh of half (quarter) I reflect 2d mesh to opposite part and associate nodes to it. After I try to mesh faces of the connected parts. But time to time mesher not "feels" associated nodes. Often it not "feels" associated nodes for edges with T-connections (works for only 2 surfaces of 3). It makes me crazy... Thnx in advance for answer.
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